Arsenal will almost certainly be looking to sign a striker during the summer transfer window, probably two really, unless Arsene Wenger has another of his stubborn moments when he sees the current Arsenal players as being so good that we don’t need any more fire power even though everyone else and his dog thinks we do.

I think that the Gunners could do a lot worse than bring in the Liverpool and Belgium striker Christian Benteke and I will tell you why, even though he has had a bit of a nightmare since joining our Premier League rivals Liverpool. The fact is that Benteke has already proved himself in the Premier League and the fact that his performances and figures were extremely good in a struggling Aston Villa side is just one of them.

This week Benteke has bemoaned his treatment at Anfield under Jurgen Klopp, as reported by The Sun, and while I can sort of understand the German manager’s frustration with his forward I do think he has handled him wrong.

Players are different and need to be handled differently and it seems obvious that the Belgian needs an arm around the shoulder from his boss rather than a public dressing down and the Arsenal boss is well known for treating his players that way.

I think Arsenal could get Benteke at a knock down price and I think he would be so happy to be valued rather than slated that he would soon find his best form again and at 26-years old we would get him in his prime. Would you like to see Arsenal sign this currently struggling but undoubtedly talented striker?

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