Why do so many Arsenal players get injured every year?

It’s a well known fact that over the years ever since Wenger came to the club there have always been problems regarding injuries. Arsenal players are falling to tough injuries and have to sit out whole seasons, and we can mention some starting with Wilshere, Frimpong (twice), Ramsey, Diaby, Eduardo, Van Persie and many, many others.

Wenger has even accused the opposition of targeting his players and causing the injuries intentionally, but it may be a bit more than that. The Brazilian full-back Santos was brought in last summer, and he managed to get accustomed pretty well to Premiership’s rigors showing us just how valuable a player he is, but then he got injured in the game against Olympiakos, and according to himself it was the first time he had to undergo surgery in his life.

After returning to fitness he declared: “The Premier League is something different – it’s the best league in the world. It’s hard to play in, the pace is different, the fact that almost every pitch is wet makes the ball run more, the tackles are harder, and it’s just really good,” he told Arsenal.com

“I have totally adapted. I feel very well, people here have received me with open arms, and I mean everyone, the club, the staff and the fans.

“Now all I want is to make history with this club.”

“All of that gave me the strength to carry on, and it all just contributes to my desire to work hard for this club and win titles in the red shirt.”

So, what’s up with the injuries and how come its always Arsenal players that get injured like that?

Surely it can’t just be that the Premiership is harder than other leagues or else other teams would have the same problems every year?

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9 thoughts on “Why do so many Arsenal players get injured every year?

  1. Believe it or not that Man U are average to have for injuires that arsenal a season. It just seems worse for us as they are key players.

  2. 1) Wenger buys players with a history of injuries.
    2)Some I think are fake like Fab, Nasri and Squilacci had ( for selling reasons and not wanting him near our team)
    3) Others are unlucky in that we had 4 players with broken legs (Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey and Sagna).
    4) I also think that other teams the guys will play if they have a tweak where ours will only play once they are 100%.

  3. Bradster, refernce point 4. I dont think our players wait until they are fully fit, I think the problem is they are risked too early and get repettitive injuries and it’s these repettitive injuries that have plagued us. Bergkamp, Henry, RVP, Rosicky, Fabregas, Clichy.

    The fact is, as humams, some are more injury prone than others just like some of us get ill more often than others or some people have allergies, other don’t, it’s just a fact of life and until training is adapted to cater to individual needs instead of team needs, this will continue at the current rate.

    I must add, that things (touch wood) seem much better since Christmas.

  4. I think it is down to how Arsenal play. If they like to play fast break, then the only way for opposing defenders to stop players with pace is to hack them down.

  5. I don’t think our players get injuried that much more often than others.
    Young players have a tendency to get injured more than older ones and maybe our style of play invites injury a little bit since there will be many late tackles on us etc. But all in all, I don’t think that, looking at the stats, Arsenal players are injured more than others.

  6. because of our training methods, look at cesc he had hamstring problems here. has he had 1 injury problem at barcelona? not that im aware of. barcelona do specific individual physical training. we dont

  7. We hv many injury due to our style of play,english fotbal is more competitive dan d play we brought in

  8. It quite apparent, wenger use the players more than their capability. Jack wilshere is only gonna be 20 dis year and he play almost every league match last year at d age of 19 what do u expect.

  9. We never had these kinds of injures when Gary Lewin was head of physio. Since he left for the England national team and his nephew Colin took over, our rehabilitation process has been in decline.

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