Why Suarez is much better value than Higuain

Many Arsenal fans seem to be very disappointed about missing out on Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuian, who is soon set to complete his transfer to Napoli, after agreeing both personal terms and a medical with the Serie A side. It’s understood that Higuain was holding out on the Napoli option, in order to see whether Arsenal would reignite their interest, however the move never came and Higuain has now decided to sign with the Italian side.

Firstly don’t think he chose Napoli over Arsenal because we never officially had the chance to convince him to join us. It’s true we had a fee verbally agreed at around £22 million, however after Madrid increased their valuation to around £34 million, that was the end of the road for the Gunners, and rightly so in my opinion. Although Higuain is a good player, his price was highly inflated at £34 million and it now seems that Arsenal made the much better decision to chase Suarez.

Money wise Suarez is more expensive, in both transfer fee and probably wages, however I think he is a better player and so he is worth the extra few million. At £50 million, I think that too is very inflated, however I think that it will get to the stage where they will be forced to accept a lower price, and for once I’m confident Wenger would meet it.

In terms of experience, Higuain has more experience in the Champions League, although his record of 8 goals in 48 games is not great, but Suarez is very much proven as arguably the Premier League’s best striker, challenging alongside van Persie and so once again I think Suarez is the much better option here. He may not have the Champions League experience as of late, but a European night is something you can quickly settle into and ultimately league consistency is far more important.

The only problem I see when comparing Suarez over Higuain is the Uruguayan’s attitude. It certainly brings his value down and is the only real down side to Suarez’s game. They are both fantastic players but ultimately if I was to choose either Higuain for £34 million or Suarez for around the £43 million mark then I think id definitely choose Suarez.

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4 thoughts on “Why Suarez is much better value than Higuain

  1. Can you please help shed some light on why we havent made a move for (DM) Diame from West Ham? I mean we did make a move for him in January and Big Sam, I’m pretty sure, wasnt going to let one of his better players leave so he would be caught in a relagation battle. But here we are in the Summer window and instead the talk is seemingly about Fellani (who would cost us 2x’s as much).

    I still have flashbacks on how he roasted Ramsey on the touchline and score a great goal against us


  2. The reality today is that since the episode of ‘BOSNIA’, players have continue to gain upper hand in transfer, but one thing FC should accept is dont try to force an unhappy player to stay in your club. cos he will end up gaining disciples that will perfect how to force their way at the detriment of the club.

  3. I think ds d end of story as I can’t practically c arsenal going back for another bid. Although, I can read a thin line of good intent from wenger this time around but I hope he will not be a victim of his own maverick gimmick. In my opinion, I tink he shd av gone 4 higuan since mad was ready to do business at d right price.

  4. Ebola…..it is the Bosman ruling.
    Bermy…..nobody knows what AFC have planned so stay calm.

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