Why this stat is NOT bad news for Arsenal


I have just a read a report in the football media that slams the Arsenal strikers and suggests that we have a bunch of muppets that have been playing like drunken Sunday leaguers with their laces tied together all season. But to be fair to the forwards of the Gunners, this report in the Metro reveals more about the, obviously anti-Arsenal, person who wrote it than it does about our effectiveness in front of goal.

The statistics show that Arsenal have three of the four players that have missed the most clear cut chances in the Premier League this season in Olivier Giroud (9), Alexis Sanchez (6) and Theo Walcott (6). Pretty damning stuff eh? And the writer goes on to suggest that this proves all the doubters right and shows that Arsenal are still a million miles away from the EPL title and could not hit a cow’s backside with a banjo right?

Well maybe not, especially if you remember that we are actually one of the division’s top scorers. The really telling factor for me is that the fourth player on the list is Man City’s Sergio Aguero. So you’re telling us that he is rubbish yeah? Well no because this so-called writer puts that down to an aberration, course he does.

Does this not really show the players that are getting into good positions most often?

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