Arsene Wenger is a manager with his own way of doing and seeing things in the world of football. Those who keep an ear to the business of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will probably have picked up on the fact that the boss doesn’t like international matches, especially friendlies.

He has proven this again by asking England manager Roy Hodgson not to play Jack Wilshere in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. Wenger does this nearly every time there is an international break and sometimes with other players. It’s fair to say that the national managers aren’t big fans of him for constantly complaining about his players fitness.

Other clubs seem to have little problem with fitness so whatever’s going wrong is with Arsenal. The fitness training may not be up to standard compared to everybody else. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that international matches are good for our players, especially the younger ones like Jack Wilshere who can still do some developing. Why you ask? Well it’s pretty obvious to be honest.

International matches are a very important part of development. These matches give players the chance to participate in some of the most competitive matches available in football. Playing with other top players from your country is important.

Wilshere for example benefits in the England squad because of the influences of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. I’m sorry to say but there are no two better people for him to learn from at Arsenal. These players are legendary midfielders, two of the best English players to have ever played. They have both won Champions League titles and been at the top of the footballing ladder. They have seen everything and won everything (not Gerrard).

Giving Wilshere time to adapt his game and learn from the two of them is good for him. Playing matches against other nations where the stakes are higher than ever is good. Playing in the biggest tournament in football, the World Cup is important.

All I can say to Wenger is leave international matches alone. They help our players not hinder them.

4 thoughts on “Why Wenger is wrong about Arsenal players in internationals!!

  1. Questioning Wenger approach to international games is over your head. All they do is fatigue players. They do not help their game. Don’t be stupid but do find another hobby.

  2. Wenger is not wrong, you’re just simply highlighting the positives of international football and conveniently leaving out the negatives.
    Arsenal pays the player’s wages. When players are forced to play a lot, “in the red”, they’re more likely to pick up an injury, ie when Wilshere injured his ankle and missed an ENTIRE year due to surgeries and subsequent ankle injuries while trying to recover. He first got that injury playing that summer with England, then reaggravated it in preseason with Arsenal.

    The point he makes is that when players are already being pushed by their club teams, playing international games, especially less important friendlies, they run the risk of getting injured. And when that happens the club teams foot the medical bills and weekly wages while the player sits.

    That’s his main point,and one that despite all the positives you named, still must be taken into account.

    Remember the last year RVP was injured for 5 months with Arsenal when he tore ligaments in his ankle?
    that was in a friendly match against Italy, and Chiellini messed up his ankle.
    Imagine if we had him healthy that year, the last year Arsenal contended for the premiership.

    If national teams shared wages with club teams when using players for games, then it would make more sense. Let’s be honest, FIFA and the national teams make a ton of money on these lucrative spectacles, why can’t they help pay the players they use?

  3. What are you talking about? The quality of football on offer at international matches is far inferior to that at club level. The players would benefit more from having the break.

    I long for the day where each seasons international friendlies are played in a 2 week period making them more valuable to player & national team development.

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