Will Arsenal beating Newcastle make Stoke loss just a `BLIP`?


Arsene Wenger has been in the news a lot this week after the Frenchman got a public volley of abuse from some Arsenal fans as he went to board a train to come back to London after our dismal defeat at the hands of our perennial tormentors Stoke City last weekend.

And the manager has been quite guarded in his responses to that incident, stopping short of calling some of his own fans blithering idiots who know bugger all about football management, although I suspect that is what he really thinks.

So ahead of the Premier League clash with Newcastle United today, whose own manager Alan Pardew must have had some x-rated thoughts about his own fans earlier this season, Wenger has reminded us that the Gunners have been doing fairly well recently, with four wins out of the last five games.

So I suppose it is fair enough for the boss to say that a win over Newcastle today, especially after they did us a big favour by beating Chelsea last weekend and ensured that Jose Mourinho would not be matching Wenger and Arsenal’s invincible season (with some comedy moaning about the ball boys thrown in for good measure, would mean that last week was just a blot on the landscape.

Wenger told Arsenal Player, “We have a good dynamic in our team, we won four of our last five games. We had one blip against Stoke but overall I think we are on a good trend.”

He also pointed out that our Champions League campaign was largely successful even though we finished second to Borussia Dortmund. It seems that the manager thinks we are too picky. Do you agree?

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