Will Arsenal break the bank to secure Arjen Robben?

One of Arsenal’s more eccentric transfer targets, Arjen Robben, confirmed again that he’s just as likely to accept a transfer away from Bayern Munich as he is to extend his contract with the Bavarian team.

Arsene Wenger is still looking for offensive reinforcements and Robben is reputed to be one of the best wingers in the world, so a move would be possible if we think that Robben only has one year left of contract.

“It cannot be said that I am 100 per cent certain I will stay with Bayern.” Robben said.

“A lot has happened in recent weeks and I didn’t play for three games in a row. Everybody saw that. It was not the best of times.

“It is not as if I have to sign a new deal next week. I am just concentrating on playing football. I still have a year on my contract with Bayern so there is no rush. You never know what happens in football – it is often very strange.”

Most would argue that Arseal don’t have the money needed to transfer Robben who would surely have some very high wage requirements, but given the urge Wenger showed to finally create a top team anything may be possible. If he’s able to break the wage barrier for RVP, why not Robben? He is surely in the same class as his fellow Dutchman.

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12 thoughts on “Will Arsenal break the bank to secure Arjen Robben?

  1. Ok mr writer,if you could please tell me where your ‘Robben” will play or who is going to be on the benched then maybe i could tell you if Arsenal would like to break the bank for him or not…

  2. Not needed, we have Gervinho, Ox, Ryo & Theo and he selfish player imo always thinks he can take on a team single handed and I would prefer Wenger to spend the money else where – two strikers and a back-up keeper to Szechny.

  3. why the f*** should we sign robben? you seem to forget that next season,rio,and campbell will be back+podolski, no we dont need robben,let him stay at bayern

  4. i dnt tink he’s nided we hav alot of players comin bak 4rm loan.like mia. & co.doh he’s a fantastic player.

  5. Robben’s agent doing his job, AW likely to to go with a younger, quality (world class) player.

  6. No we dnt nid him,we hv upcumin players such as theo,ox,ryo,givnho nd odas on loan dats cumin bk nxt summer so let him stay at bayern 10x

  7. Why you talking about we don’t want robben. Why would robben want to come, bayern is much better. Arsenal is englisch subtop.

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