Will Arsenal’s Deal For Henry Get Snubbed?


Arsenal’s deal with MLS side NY Red Bulls for former glory Thierry Henry has now hit a snag after the two teams could not yet agree on the specific date when the star striker must return to America and leave the Gunners once again.

Henry is due to stay with the Gunners for 2 months time and then return to America, but the two clubs don’t seem to agree on the exact day when the star should arrive in New York.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was hoping the striker could be fit in time for the cup match against Leeds United from Monday, but it seems that this set-back may mean Wenger will be without Henry for the game. The French boss wanted to give him a run in an easy match at first to help him get accustomed again with the speed and style of Premiership football.

The problem with the date is that Red Bulls want him back on the 20th of February, while Wenger wants to be able to keep the player until the 26th of February so he could be available for the match against the Spurs.

Regardless of how much the legend is going to be back for, Wenger should get his head out of the closet and look out there for a striker who could help Arsenal throughout the season because this isn’t a solution at all.

6 thoughts on “Will Arsenal’s Deal For Henry Get Snubbed?

  1. what a farce .Wenger has had weeks to sort this out ,Henry has been training with us since early December…its just another shambles!

  2. wenger should go 4 sao paulo wonder-kinds see the likes of andryan tarares,lucus moura,casemiro carlos,gotze mario. we can beat all teams these are super stars include naymar.

  3. Arsenal could win trophies but the problem is Arsene Wenger who is unwilling to take the right decisions. We would have won the league last season if during the transfer window in January, 2011 he strengthened the defense which was our weak area. Wenger refused to do so and we came 4th. This season, we are short of quality strikers, defenders[ because of injuries] and even quality midfielders implying that we should be in the market this January. The window is on and what Wenger is doing is to sign Henry for two months. What happens after the two months? It is unfortunate for us fans that we have such a manager that we don’t understand where his interest lies. Is it the profit or building a top class club? Man u just lost two matches and already Sir Alex is planning not to continue in that direction again and will do something positive. If we are in such a situation, we turn around and blame the match officials. Why Wenger is behaving this way is because he knows that no matter the outcome of his performance, nobody will sack him. I don’t really understand how a manager with the present crop of players will dream of making the 4th position when the contest is with Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle for the same position. It will be very sad to have Wenger around, if he carries on like this. Let him get us a striker and the required defenders, otherwise, sorry fans, it will be a bitter season. I pray the deal for Henry fails so that he will have an alternative thinking. After all, it took an 8-2 bashing from Man U before he did his ”lastminute .com” purchases.

  4. Wenger should show some respect for red bulls they are his team & when barcelona didn’t with fab we didn’t like it , wenger always changes the rules to suit himself just spend the money & use Henry to help like you said .

  5. You two should get your heads out of the clouds and show some respect, realise you don’ know a tenth of what Wenger knows about football

  6. It would have been nice to see Henry back but there was always going to be a snag, Wenger is like that. The two months is now down to five weeks and I question whether or not it`s worth it?

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