Will Arsenal’s Forward Agree To A Contract Extension Any Time Soon?


Ever since the trophy drought at Arsenal started to get worse the Gunners have been encountering problems when having to deal with expiring contracts to some of their best players. Nasri refused to extend his contract, Clichy and Fabregas asked for permission to leave and now top players Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott are about to be placed in the same pot if Wenger won’t do something about it soon.

Robin is not yet ready to extend his contract with the gunners as the striker is probably waiting to see  if they will be able to win any trophy this season. After he left the club, Fabregas adviced Robin to do the same if he still wants to win any trophies because he’s already 28 and not many clubs will be looking for him soon after this summer.

According to rumours the other forward who has been giving Wenger headaches, Theo Walcott, is now ready to give in and sign a contract extension with the Gunners. The winger was highly wanted throughout the winter break by teams like Liverpool or Juventus, but the newspapers say that he’s ready to sign with the club which found him when he was just a young talented kid.

4 thoughts on “Will Arsenal’s Forward Agree To A Contract Extension Any Time Soon?

  1. Wenger should know that much as a player got his dues, he needs somethng to show to the world that he is proud of. Pride is important and he should alweys feature a wining team with good tactics for him to win a trophy. We as supporters side with players to at least win a trophy,but everything is in his hands, how can he run for 5yrs without a trophy cant he feel ashamed sometimes!

  2. ” Theo Walcott, is now ready to give in and sign a contract extension” …. give in? are u honestly being serious? i mean, was this article even written by an arsenal fan? even the most objective gunners supporters wouldnt go out of their way to incinuate that the only reason players extend their contracts with us is becuase they give up fighting to get away. what about the fact that we’ve been bankrolling his mediocrity for large parts of his career, stuck by him and given him the opporunity to develop and get games to be a better player. why not pay he club back? instead he’s demanding 95k to be joint 2nd highest paid player on our books, cheers theo

  3. If we can add the star players that we have then we have a chance of winning silerwear next season and then for a very long time to come because in my opinion we only 2-3 players at the most. However, if we keep selling our top players then a, we’ll struggle to attract more top players and b, we’ll always be a team that’s rebuilding (like we seem to have been doing for the last 6 seasons). We need to get rid of Arshavin (5-10 mil’), Rosicky (3-4 mil’), Bendtner (5-10 mil’), Vela (5-8 mil’), Diaby (5-8 mil’), Cahamakh (5-8 mil’), Squillaci (2-3 mil’) and Djourou (5-8 mil’) as this would give us extra funds somewhere inbetween 35-59 mi’ + whatever we have already in the warchest. Buy M’vila, Podolski and Goetze/Hazard, promote Bartley, Coquelan, Ignasi, Afobe and Miyachi too and we’ll be winning everything.

    1. Agree with all the players you have suggested to get rid of, bar one – Rosicky. Despite his past injury issues he is a class squad player.

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