Will Arsenal’s speedsters really terrorise defences?

We saw exactly what the pace and power of the new Arsenal signing Danny Welbeck can do as he hit the turbo boost twice to score for England against Switzerland on Monday night. And there were numerous occasions during that match when the striker’s speed and determination created panic in the Swiss defence.

But will the 23-year old Englishman get the same sort of joy for the Gunners when he comes up against Premier League and Champions League defences? Theo Walcott certainly seems to think so, as he has been talking about his newest club team mate and another new rapid Gunner Alexis Sanchez to The Mirror, and he cannot to wait to come back from his long injury break and form what should be the fastest forward line in the Premier League.

Walcott said, “I hope we’ll have the fastest forward line in the Premier League. It’s exciting times.

“What we can do is build on from the FA Cup and attract these great players to the club. It will hopefully put Arsenal where we should be – winning trophies.

“These players are very, very fast. They will fit the bill perfectly. Alexis has settled in very quickly, Danny is a good guy, I have worked with him with England. Danny is a hard worker. He always puts his heart on the line.

“At times, I thought he needed to be a bit more selfish so I was very happy on Monday night [as Welbeck scored both goals in England’s 2-0 away win over Switzerland]. It’s the one thing he has changed and he will get more goals now unless he sees me in a good position, of course.

“I don’t know what the boss has got planned but hopefully it will push us on and increase the level of competition.

“It’s a massive buzz around the club. When you see the amount of money that has been spent. It has been well documented over the years that we haven’t spent as much but Arsenal are doing it the right way and spending it wisely.”

Until Olivier Giroud is back from his tibia operation, which might not be until the new year, there is a good chance that Walcott, Alexis and Welbeck will be the first choice attack, with Joel Campbell, Lukas Podolski and Yaya Sanogo as better cover options than Arsenal have had for years.

So with all that pace in attack, do you think that Walcott is right to be excited and looking to push on for a major trophy or two?

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