Will Bighead Bendtner ruin another great deal for Arsenal?

It is being reported that we could be offloading Nicklas Bendtner to Spanish side Malaga and getting their captain Jesus Gamez thrown in for free. This sounds like a crazy story because I would bite their arms off for this deal, or get Luis Suarez to do it for me.

Firstly, for those of you stopping right here to comment `why would we want him`? let me tell you why I want him. He is one of the very few players I have noticed who fights hard for 90 minutes for his team relentlessly. He is a man who will allow himself to be burnt out of energy for the entire time until his next match. A lot of players these days give up at a certain point in a game and start thinking about what they are going to say on twitter later or something like that. Gamez is 100% committed to the game and to his team.

My second point to consider is the fact that anybody would happily give away Bendtner right now. It’s a big bonus that we get a player for free who can be a major boost to us. Bendtner’s negotiations with German clubs who wanted him are over after he stuck to his `best striker in the world` routine (which he needs to see a psychiatrist about immediately) and refusing to lower his wage demands, cost him his move to the land of sausage. Even if Gamez turns out to be a waste of time, which I doubt, we still get rid of the big Danish drain on the Arsenal wage bill and replace him with a much lower cost player with less potential problems.

The next point is that may give us an excuse to get rid of Bacary Sagna, or cover us in case the French international changes his mind about staying. The Frenchman was expected to leave the club earlier this summer but looks to be staying now. He is well past his prime and we need to move on from him sooner or later. Bringing Gamez in means we can sell Sagna and make a bit of cash while allowing Carl Jenkinson a proper opportunity in the team while being rotated with our new signing. It would also give Arsenal right back cover in case Sagna was needed at centre back while Vermaelen is injured.

The last point is that he is Spanish and from Malaga. Doesn’t sound like a good point you say? Well he has plenty of experience playing with Nacho Monreal and Santi Cazorla which is a major boost for any player in the same situation. He will arrive at the club with friends waiting for him and that can only help him fit into the system as if he has been here for years.

This is a no-brainer if it is true. Get rid of the deadwood king and bring in a committed player who can help move the club forward. The problem is Bendtner, as usual. Malaga will need him to accept a much smaller wage than he is on now. It will be good for his career to play, but not so good for his wallet.

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3 thoughts on “Will Bighead Bendtner ruin another great deal for Arsenal?

  1. you are talking tosh. why would you want to get rid of a footballer like Sagna just because YOU think he is no longer fit for purpose? Where is the heart of football? Being ripped into bits by the likes of you; I’d say!

  2. Just what I thought… I don’t no why someone will just bring out a post with no brain, get read of sagna and Jenkinson will be what ?, so you will be facing RMD, BACA, PSG with Jenkinson in your defense.? Stupid.
    Still don’t understand all you fans, get read of Gervinho, Bendtner, chamack, santos and ashavin is that not what you all want ? Now let’s compared them together… Gnaby for Gervinho, Sanogo for Bendner, Esfied for Ashavin, Maguel for Santos, Akppom for chamak. So tell me how you gonna compare this uhn ? Like selling professional with experience and bringing in some kids with no experience nor threat whatsoever to the opponent, cos to me I don’t no how long we keep on believe on Wenger and the board if there going to bring someone in.

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