Will Chamberlain Still Be A First Team Option?


Arsenal have strenghtened their squad with the likes of Podolski and Giroud, and if that wasn’t enough, they will also probably bring in Spanish star Santi Cazorla. This is amazing for the squad, but it seems that Wenger is trying his best to bring in players exactly where Chamberlain could play.

The speedy English youngster came to Arsenal as a winger, but Wenger has spoken on several turns about his interest to turn The Ox into an attacking midfielder. Despite being now able to play on both positions, Chamberlain fears that he may not be a first team player next season.

“I am taking it step by step and the first aim is to make sure I am fully fit for the start of the season, to get the best chance to get in the team,” he said.

“I know it won’t be easy. The new signings are really good while we have good talent here coming through. So if I do manage to get into the team, I need to try and stay in there.

“Being more of an attacking player, I need to score more goals and get more assists. That wins games and people notice of that. I will always put my own style on things, which is taking people on and try and be an exciting player to watch.”

This is very beneficial for the squad, because a competitive spirit in the team is always good, but do you think that Chamberlain will still get enough playing time to keep growing at the same amazing pace?

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  1. The competition will be great for him and great for Arsenal. We can do without young players being too relaxed thinking they have done enough to earn their place in the team as this only leads to a lack of drive. He is fantastic at the moment because of his hunger and determination to make an impression so long may it continue. If he doesn’t make the starting line up most weeks then good for us as it means someone else is performing well. I am very much looking forward to seeing him pushing Walcott all the way for his place this season. Good for us 🙂 7

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