Arsenal star midfielder Alex Song is hopeful that teammate Abou Diaby will be back soon playing for the Gunners after a very long spell off the pitch.

Abou was back for a short while in November but now is unavailable again and likely to return in February.

“Abou is a hard working player. He always gives his very best to be back.

“When he returned in November and starting jogging again, we could all see how happy he was.

“But it’s difficult for him and it’s difficult for us too, because we know that with him, we are even stronger.”

About Diaby confirmed that he’s on the right way to getting back on the field saying:

“Everything is going smoothly for me at the moment and I believe I will be back in action around late February time.”

Wenger needs midfielders at the moment given Wilshere’s setback. Young new transfer Eisfeld might be an option but he’ll have to adapt to the Premiership before he will be able to aid the team in league games, so Diaby is still the closest option.

13 thoughts on “Will Diaby Be Able To Help Arsenal Soon?

  1. If he gets back to the form he had just before he was injured and assuming he replaces Ramsey…then yes, he will improve our team.
    The question is how many games will he be back for before Jack then comes and replaces him and then whether he will then replace Arteta which I am doubtful about, but could happen.
    He will be a good sub though and will defiantly make a positive contribution even if its just allowing other players to get rests or increasing the competition which would benefit Ramsey or even keeping Arshavin or Rosicky away from the pitch could only be a positive contribution.

  2. No!! Plain and simple he cannot help. He can’t even help himself. I’m not being horrible just realistic. He’s had roughly 30 different injuries so far and cannot be relied upon. Wenger gave Eduardo 1 seasons grace after his injury and then binned him and he contributed way more. Diaby is on his 6th season and we barely see him. IF he comes back then we’ll get the same old 1 good game for every 4 bad ones and then he’ll be injured again. We need to wise up, sell him and then buy M’vila to replace him and get him off the wage bill.

  3. Whilst we’re at it get Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamakh, Vela, Bendtner, Squillaci and Walcott off the wage bill too and we might just be able to win something next season. Bring in Goetze, Podolski and Demba Ba for starters then bring through Afobe, Bartley and Bunjaku.


    Bench – Fabianski, Mertesacker, Song, Ramsey, Arteta, Ba, Afobe

      1. I agree with the team we have noe but if we had M’vila there’s no contest the man is a destroyer.

  4. How far we have fallen when we are calling for the return of Diaby!

    The guy is a moron! He makes stupid decisions which cost us dearly… he holds on to the ball way too long, tries skill and gets tackled when he should have passed.

    For every thing he does well, he does twice as many things bad

    Am i happy he is back … yes, because we need someone, anyone, at the moment …. but just remember why we always slate him in the first place. Now we are hanging our hopes on him ha ha sometimes all you can do is laugh

    1. @goon124

      I couldnt agree more with you! I have never rated him, and i don’t feel he’s ever shown he’s Arsenal material, i feel bad for him for being injuried all the time, but i feel we should play Coquelin, he has a lot more talent than Diaby.

    2. haha yea its pretty funny, diaby can be amazing on his day he has talent for sure, sadly he’s too inconsistent and makes silly mistakes like you say

    3. thanks very much for the comment….some people seem to forget back then when Diaby makes those brillant dribbles but ends with an opponent pass or dispossessed….he is also a nightmare as ramsey, DJ, Arshavin,squillaci are.

  5. this guy is one of our menny deadwood players we have now in our club,never rated him,him and gibbs are men of glass,get rid and of them and spend some money on class players,we pay over the odds at our stadium to wach our team go to decline,get rid of the board and this old manager and get some fresh blood in and give us back our beloved club

  6. Is this a joke? Diaby was painful to watch. Lazy and a liability he cost us games. Arsenal have become a joke lately. We used to be amoung the top teams in the country but now we are heading for a mid table finish with every other team in the epl improving & advancing & investing while we just regress.

  7. @goon124 “For every thing he does well, he does twice as many things bad”

    Yeah, but at least what he does good usually ends up in a goal unlike Ramsey.

    Ramsey fooks up alot in games and is without that great skill to dribble past 3 – 4 players that Diaby can bring you, even though he fooks up alot too.

  8. waste of time…conquelin much better than him…europa here we come….pity our team has to fall before it rises again…when wenger leaves obviously…if you dont cut it, you just dont cut it

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