Will Gervinho still be at Arsenal next season?

The Arsenal winger Gervinho has been brought to the club last summer in what turned out to be the worst transfer window in Arsenal’s recent history, and given the players Wenger had to play without during this season, he wasn’t all that bad, but should he question his future at Arsenal?

Chamakh had approximately the same evolution where after a few good games he lost his way, and Gervinho also seems a bit out of form on the moment and more than anything, a very long way away from the skills Chamberlain is currently showing.

The Ivorian star is hopeful that the club will do good in the future, but will he take part in the making of that future?

“We can still win lots of trophies and we can do great things in the future. We have a bright future because this is a good club.

“We are all still young, we have got some good players here, a good group.

“We have been through a lot of difficult times this season, lots of people have wavered in their belief of us.
“They have said this and they have said that, but we have returned to form and now we are going to try to finish the season well.”

Gervinho has certainly had a few good games through the season, but given Ryo’s return and Chamberlain’s amazing progress should Wenger keep him or drop him as he will with Chamakh, Almunia and Squillaci?


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22 thoughts on “Will Gervinho still be at Arsenal next season?

  1. hey how was nasri in his first 2 seasons at arsenal?
    even if chamberlain and ryo occupy the wings we will be in 4 competitions and arsene wenger will learn how to rotate the team to keep up. not play the same team every 3 days till they start dropping with dead legs.
    big club like arsenal shouldn’t blame tiredness and injuries after defeat. i agree that chamakh should go but park chu young and gervinho should stay.
    we are playing well now because players are having one week rest. if we build a big squad and introduce rotation system we will stay longer in competitions and even grab a trophy or 2.

  2. A few good game? You must be watching another Asernal, not the one I watch. What came into your mind to write this rubbish? Maybe you just experienced some heartbreak. Sorry mate, I do sympathize with you. There is no way OX or Ryo is better than Gervinho. Everyone now wants Ox but no one agreed with Wenger signing him. Just looks like there is no ambition in this write up. I will advice you delete it. Thanks

  3. Stupid article. Gervinho is not all that bad in the left wing position. In fact hes one of the best suited for that position. And hes gettin his form back. In the game against villa for example he did well, he made an assist and also defended well. He tracked back everytime and defended potently. His blisterin pace on nd off the ball is just amazing. Its just his first season at arsenal and in the premier league.

  4. Gervinho is going to be the new scapegoat of these article writers.Few days ago Ramsey and Walcott was getting used for these types of articles and now it’s turn for Gervinho.I think if Van Persie goes on misfiring for more 4,5 matches then he will join this line…lol

  5. This writer knows nothing about the game. Gerv brings pace and energy when the rest of the team get complacent. This transfer window has been one of arsenals best. A big “f off” to nasri and cesc and clichy. Three useless nutsacks that have no heart and no loyalty to those who gave them so much. Gerv, Bfg, Arteta, Santos are all class and have gone down swinging this year.

  6. you really have nothing to write this week how can you talk about Gervinho as worst buy you sound as if you know nothing about football and you don’t even watch Arsenal game lol great Gervindinho

  7. Absolutely yes, he should stay. Good pace, good dribbling skills, good crosser, tracks back better every match, the passing and finishing will come. Fullbacks across the league are afraid of him, afraid that he will show them up.

  8. Definite keep. He adds depth to the squad, as he’s efficient on both wings… We’d have Walcott, Gervinho, Ox (needs to be rested as much as possible, can’t burn him out or risk early injury in his career), Ryo Miyaichi, Benayoun, Arshavin (he’ll be sold though) and Podolski.

    Of those, I’d play Walcott and Podolski at right wing and left wing respectively. That leaves Gervinho, Oxlade, Ryo and Benayoun. Considering we need to rest the Ox as much as we can, Gervinho, Ryo and Benayoun are all very capable. If there’s an injury to Ryo and/or Benayoun, we’d only have one option. It’s just his first season too.

  9. Gervinho has 4 goals and 6 assists to his name this is very good for a player in his first year in the premiership
    He is just low on confidence after AFCON n I m sure he will be back with a bang

  10. The very title of the article has put me off. How can we write about sending a guy off in the very first year. He has brought a very different aspect to our game. Runs at opposition players and brings the ball into dangerous areas. off late he has been putting a shift in defence too. Remember he has come back from AFCON after a very intense competition. Losing in the finals. Wenger has handled him very beautifully.

  11. If u don’t have an article just get mute or maybe write how fabregas was on d bench for ac man vs barca and stop wasting your time

  12. The man who wrote this article seems does not watch games.How many goals has Gervinho helped to Arsenal?Remember of injuries,remember of 4 competition where in a week sometimes we have 3 games.Delete ur article.If you have nothing to write,you better remain calm

  13. WHAT THE HELL???? Are you sure it’s is football you’re talking about? Gervinho is a brilliant player for us. He’s got bags of tricks to go pass player, he tracks back to help the defense. He gets behind the defender almost at will. Yes, he has missed a few chances here and there, and yes, his final ball is lacking from time to time. Don’t forget he’s in his first season and he’s not the finished article, there are still a lot to come from him. All in all, he contributes greatly to this Arsenal team. If you can’t see that, then you’re an idiot!

  14. You must never question the skills orqualities of the likes of Gervinho! He is class and will prove it at the Arsenal. Go write something more titilating please!

  15. How do u determine what is our worst and our best transfer window?. since the windows were introduced last summers our most profitable and also it brought in the most amount of new faces. ok arteta and gervinho (the direct replacements for cesc and nasri) have not set the world alight but those 4 deals also left us with £40m profit and ok we might not win anything this season with arteta and gervinho but what the hell did we win with fabregas and nasri? in defence we brought in jenkinson mertesacker and santos to replace eboue traore and clichy ill take that and again we were not out of pocket. emmanuel-thomas was sold and replaced by joel campbell who appears to be a good signing for the future. benayoun came in on loan whilst denilson went out plus park and chamberlain came in whilst bendtner and vela went out on loan. not sure how this makes it our worst window?

  16. I cant understand why gervinho keeps getting critizied or doubts cast over his future. He is a good player and has shown he can contribute well in games and offer something different. We need a large squad to cope with the season and you cannot rely on individuals to keep a single position for the entire season. The youngsters will push for a place and rightly so but you have to have competition in the squad . If this article was written to encourage debate fair enough but why get on the back of one player. We need to think positively about the remainder of this season and grow stronger for next. Comments like this dont help so I would question if you really are a supporter of arsenal ………

  17. i never liked the idea of signing gervinho, in my veiw he isnt good enough and wont be good enough for our team, he is taking up a space which could see a world class player there. We cant rely on the ox to play the full season neither can we on gervinho or miyaichi we will need to get rid of those underperforming, this is why arsenal have suffered over the years because we have players who cant keep hold of form. This is why im not looking forward to seeing podolski at arsenal because 1: he simply isnt good enoug 2: he has an atitude 3: because his goal scoring form is up and down 4: his apparent done deal worth 100k a week is the most riduculous thing ive ever heard.
    Gervinho out
    no podolski
    and some top players i personly would like to see ribery at arsenal

    1. @dom: Yeah, I guess it’s better not to have Gervinho than to have any left winger. Seems logical. Oh yeah, and Podolski is such rubbish. I don’t know why they keep him in the German squad. Also, why do Arsenal buy all those youngsters? Isn’t it better to field an XI composed of retirees?
      If you mind Podolski because he has “an attitude,” what would you say of Ribery? Remember the French mutiny at the last World Cup? Ribery was one of the ringleaders. Really, much more peaceful and orderly guy than that mutinous German Pole…
      @author: Get a life! The only thing that suggests Gervinho might be sold is that he has been bought. If you mind, watch the first games of the season again and tell me he’s been better then than he is now. Any person with a functioning brain will notice the guy’s still learning. As is Santos, as was Mertesacker, and to an extent, Arteta. The worst transfer window, really? Apparently, Arsenal are losing because they buy too much.

  18. The writer is and idiot! He is one of the signings I am most excited about in the last few years, He has been good most of the season and it is his first in premier league- His drop in form was as a result of his Afcon heartbreak but he looks to be getting back to his best

  19. Gervinho is one of the best wingers in the world with his movement probably being the best in the league, if he just improved his shooting and scoring he would be unbelievable

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