Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is getting unexpected support from Dutch defender Ron Vlaar, who is pushing Robin Van Persie to stay with the Gunners amidst rumours linking him to a possible leave to Italian side Juventus Torino.

After just signing with Aston Villa, Vlaar is now vehement in saying that Robin should stay in England, but admits that he has no certain information which can point to a possible stay.

“I talked to Robin and several other players during the Euros,” said Vlaar.

“Robin told me if I had the chance then to come over, but it was still my decision and I’m very happy Aston Villa came in for me. I’m happy the deal was done.

“I really don’t know where he is going. I haven’t talked to him lately. I just hope he stays in England so I can face him. I’ve trained against him with the national team and he is a great player.

“It would be a big loss if he leaves England.”

Arsene Wenger has named the Dutchman to play in the German training camp, but a contract hasn’t been signed yet between Arsenal and Robin Van Persie, with the Dutchman still delaying the talks.

5 thoughts on “Will Robin Listen And Stay?

  1. van persie we hav singed skilled players lky podoloskic, olivie,cazorla and we are running 4 sahin ,so wat else u want come on stay .

  2. “I just hope he stays in England so I can face him”. He never said anything about staying at Arsenal.

  3. If ur gonna stay, sign the contract otherwise leave so we can carry on building a new and exciting team to challenge for league n cups!!!

  4. RVP – we need him, but he wants to go, so let him.
    Thanks for all the hardwork RVP. And thanks for the dedication in the same way we stood by you through 7 seasons of injury.

    Feels Nasrish to me.
    Good luck.

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