Will Suarez saga go same way as Higuain and other recent transfers?

So what’s the current story surrounding Arsenal and Luis Suarez? Have we agreed terms? Has he had his 100th medical with the club? Or in fact have we not even got past agreeing a fee for the player? I feel we have experienced the same old story many times before but just featuring different world class players.

A few weeks back it was reported for the first time that Arsenal had made an opening bid of around £35 million for Luis Suarez. LIES! We all thought, there’s no way Wenger will spend that, especially not on a controversial figure such as Suarez. How wrong we were and suddenly a few weeks down the line, in terms of Arsenal’s normalities you could say we have become a little desperate. Now we currently stand on a bid of around £42.5 million, which according to some sources activates a clause that if Liverpool weren’t in the Champions League, which they aren’t, then they must allow Suarez to open negotiations with other clubs.

But haven’t we seen this story all before? With Higuain, even his dad came out to say that he ‘expects his son to soon be playing in the Premier League’. And after agreeing numerous fees, holding several meetings for personal terms and a few mystery medicals later, the Argentinian striker joins Serie A side Napoli from Real Madrid.
The same with Stefan Jovetic, he supposedly agreed a pre-contract with Arsenal – signs for Manchester City. Marouane Fellaini, supposedly had his buyout clause activated of £23 million by Arsenal weeks ago, yet we still sit here waiting for his arrival. And then even with Yann M’Vila last year, whom I’m sure you all remember greatly. He is another player that went through this whole process yet never actually signed for Arsenal.

So ultimately what I’m trying to say is, don’t be fooled by this Suarez story. It isn’t false, there’s no doubt about that, Liverpool officials have publicly announced the bids from Arsenal so we certainly hold an interest, but what I’m saying is it all seems to be a familiar story where we supposedly go through all the negotiations when in fact we are just sitting on the fence, seemingly waiting for another club to put a bid in. If every player you bis for seems too expensive, Arsene, maybe the problem is not the other clubs’ but Arsenal’s valuation.

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3 thoughts on “Will Suarez saga go same way as Higuain and other recent transfers?

  1. I hope I’m wrong but I thinks its another smokescreen as we never intended to sign him but our management can say “we tried but just couldn’t make it happen”.

    The really ambitious teams have already made it happen, of course they havn’t got as much money on deposit as we have!

    Big salary increases all round!!!!!!!!

  2. Lies, lies n lies. We were not buying any way. This bidding thing is just to fool the fans. We could have sealed higuain when rm wanted 8 m more but we did not do that cause they knew another team would come n bid higher and the player would not come to arsenal. Another example bayern Leverkusen sold schurrie n some one else. Two of their best players n when arsenal put in the bid of 18m they knew b Leverkusen would not sell . They do not want to spend Any money otherwise they would signed bent eke, capoue, Caesar n Williams at reasonable prices and these would have made the team stronger. Shame on wenger the board.

  3. Wenger will sign suarez or any other top class player I don’t believe him or mr selfish kkorenke they are bounch of crabs.

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