Will Wenger’s Policies Save Arsenal When Things Get Tough?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s decisions have been often contested by Gunner fans around the world who were unsatisfied more often than not with the way Wenger goes about transfers and about the small salaries which are being offered at the club, but the same policy which has been hauled for all these years might be Arsenal’s salvation.

The Frenchman anticipates a financial crisis in the world football and seems to think that his policies will help the club stay away from any unwanted problems.

“Economically the whole environment has changed and people suffer more. The clubs will suffer more financially and it’s much more difficult.

“Maybe we will have some opportunities because we are in a good financial situation.”

Arsenal was one of the very few clubs which made profit at the end of the last financial year and Wenger’s the one to thank for that. Even though players like Nasri and Fabregas left Arsenal seems to be doing great at the moment, and Wenger is preparing himself for what promises to be a very interesting January transfer season.

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4 thoughts on “Will Wenger’s Policies Save Arsenal When Things Get Tough?

  1. Wenger`s in trouble and every club knows it so whoever he buys it`s going to cost top dollar. That being the case he might as well go hunting in the top drawer not in the basement.

    1. How do you work out that Wenger is in trouble?

      We qualified for the Champions League with a game to spare, are edgeing ever closer to the top 4 lieing currently in 5th having been in 17th. We’ve been unbeaten in the last 8 league games and lost only once in the last 13 games in all compettitions with the only loss being recorded in the Champions league which we had already qualified for.

      Strikes me that Arsenal can’t do without him!!

    2. Mate what exactly is your definition of Wenger (or any manager) in trouble. Jean at Blackburn, McCarthy at Wolves to name just a few, are in “trouble”. They would trade places with AW in a NY minute. CL knockout stage, 5th in EPL & climbing, surplus cash with ability to buy, financially stable club – oh yeah David Moyes of Everton would LOVE to be that kinda manager in “trouble”

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