Wilshere and fight give Arsenal rays of light on dark day

It was another disappointing day for Arsenal on the road to one of our main rivals, but there are some positives for us to take out of the game. The way that Chelsea have started the Premier League season, with only Man City at home denying them a win, and they almost did win, should not be taken lightly.

In a way, the Gunners answered some of the big questions from last season, such as have we got the fighting qualities to compete against the big sides. Arsene Wenger was certainly up for the scrap on the touchlines, as he got into a bit of a tangle with Jose Mourinho. And the players showed much more spirit than we had at Stamford Bridge, Anfield, Old Trafford and the Etihad stadium last season.

Also, the fact that the manager changed our shape a bit is good news, because it shows that he has learned from his mistakes and realises that all out attack is not the only option. I think if we keep that ideal going, our away record this season against the big boys is bound to improve.

The other major plus point was the performance of Jack Wilshere, who does seem determined to confound his critics this season. Jack has been getting fitter and stronger and really looked like his old self today against Chelsea. It’s just a shame that we did not have Aaron Ramsey available because with that system, I think Arsenal will be a handful for anyone with the Welshman in the middle as well.

As long as Wilshere can avoid injuries, fingers crossed, it looks like he will be a major player for Arsenal again this season. Do you agree?

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2 thoughts on “Wilshere and fight give Arsenal rays of light on dark day

  1. Wrong, as long as we through out midfielders like Jack and Flamini we will never contend for anything but 4th. Enough of all the Jack BS. He is good midfielder and never will be great.Wenger determination to see him succeed is costing Arsenal points. One of the best #10 in the game and we are running him out wide to fit Jack in the line up.

  2. He needs to improve his close control slightly because too often the ball gets away from him but if he can improve that he could be world class. Messi is obviously the best at running with the ball through the middle, a move that Jack tries often. Hazard is also exceptional at it as Arsenal found to their cost yesterday. If Wilshere can keep better control of the ball in those situations he can take Arsenal to the next level. The negative aspect is that if you try that frequently without a high success rate you can become a liability by giving up possession. That’s what happens when he is having a bad day but let’s hope those become less frequent as time goes on.

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