Wilshere Wins Bet With Tottenham Fans. Pay Up Spuds!


Back in November, when Tottenham was thriving and had just defeated the Gunners, English wonderkid Jack Wilshere placed a bet with the Spurs’ fans on who would finish on top at the end of the season.

Jack Wilshere made this pledge on Twitter: “All Spurs fans are buzzing they are ahead of us in the league,”he wrote. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

“At the end of the season if Spurs finish above Arsenal I will give 3,000 pounds to charity and if Arsenal finish above Spurs every Spurs fan that follows me must send me a pound which I will send to charity.”

Now that the season is over and Arsenal are on the third place, while Tottenham, from the fourth place, still have to wait to see whether Chelsea wins the Champions League or not. This means that Tottenham’s fans will all have to put a quid in a fund and give the money to charity.

But Arsenal only secured the position above Spurs yeaterday. After the final game of the season, Wenger declared: “I don’t know if this is one of my best seasons, I leave that to you. I am very proud of this season because we were not only tested on the football front – which as a Club we are used to – but on our mental solidity, unity and solidarity within. We were deeply tested, we did not show any weakness, kept united and in the end came back. It is a good lesson for everybody. At some stages everybody was wondering what we were doing.”

Now the Gunners have to regroup, make a few transfers and start the season over next autumn with fresh dreams and if possible some fresh faces. Looking at the two Manchester clubs, Podolski’s transfer won’t be enough to change Arsenal into a trophy-winning team, so Wenger would better have a good plan to improve the squad this summer.

24 thoughts on “Wilshere Wins Bet With Tottenham Fans. Pay Up Spuds!

  1. Wenger was a very lucky man and it’s not all about team spirit, unity and the sort as he likes to say! We were poor as a team regardless of the injuries I hope this season taught him a bitter lesson about spending some money to get us better players & he better do it quick so that the new arrivals can blend in during pre-season.

    And I hope he is not serious when he is talking about having Diaby back, Without RVP’s 30 goals and some at very crucial moments in matches, where could we have ended?

    1. Do u not think wenger spent some money? jenkinson gervinho campbell chamberlain park santos arteta mertesacker benayoun all joined last summer. eisfeld and podolski have joined since.

      not sure how many new signings people are expecting but with a huge squad already it is more of a case of who can we sell or loan out?

      1. We have well underspent the money raised from Cesc and Nasri (and Eboue.) Arteta and Chamberlain have been a big success. Which other newcomers have ? And why not … because as ever we have gone for good ‘ value ‘ not high calibre.

    2. Agreed. In the crucial run in we could NOT beat QPR, Norwich, Wigan etc. And we only beat WBA because the goalie threw a couple in for us. Why are we spreading our margarine so thinly over more than 70 playing staff ? Even if they are half good enough … not many of them can be given even half a chance.

  2. Still a 2 point and 1place improvement on last season when we had cesc nasri wilshire and diaby all playing

    1. This game is not decided on points gained from previous season(s). Arsenal was poor and we only managed to get position 3 because spuds were jittery and they drew with Villa due to bad luck. If Van wants to win a trophy he should think carefully about his next move. Teams like Juve, Real, Barca, Man U&C, Bayern will gurantee him success. Arsenal is more concerned with making profits so that those in power can get fat bonuses.

  3. What a season and what an end.”Ondgonner is not just about spending money but about spending money wisely” Lets look at the likes of Liverpool, they spent during the transfer window but what have they to show for it? Is not just about luck but dedication and commitment played a big role. The last clearance by Gibbs was as a result of commitment. Mind you, injury played a big role. If Arteta was not injured, we could have concluded the thrid place a week or so ago so dont say injury did not affect us.

  4. Wenger does appear a little too benign at times – Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Squillacci, Almunia and several others need to make room for some more solid players and then we could challenge.
    Being benign is sometimes a good thing, but needs some wisdom alongside.
    Amazing to overtake the Spuds – C’mon Jack!

  5. wenger should go for m’villa,eden hazard,hulk gaitani and vertogen plz.for us to coup with others.

    1. where on this earth do u think LE PROF will cough 100mils for hulk? hazard said he is nt coming. vertonghen is spurs bound. we better go for dempsey.If m’villa comes, where will song go? what abt frinpong?

    1. Guys have you seen how many chance we created in the games we drawn, and how many mistakes referees done against us (we didn’t get any penalty in the Emirate), offside goals and how many injured players we had this season. I am not defending Arsene Wenger, i am defending Arsenal as a team. I agree with you arsenal need 2 additional good players. But saying that arsenal didn’t deserve to be in the third sorry but that’s not fair for the players and the team (again not defending Arsene). they were the teams of comebacks, they never gave up. Can you please tell me what did spurs do to deserve to be third? they had their best players almost for the whole season. Stop saying Arsenal were lucky they deserved it. In any case, that is my opinion. Hope we will have a fruitful summer. up gunners.

  6. and something else wenger should not let benayoun go capture this man he has proven he is royal to arsenal fc and a fan.

    1. total agree he has real fight and determination, He’s got a nice few goals for us too.

  7. Am just happy @ the end. We finished ahead of clubs that really invested last summer. Buh one thing i pray Wenger to do for me and all fans is to loan Ramsey out….

  8. at the beginin of the season, we battled relegation battle bt at the end we battle for cl place. wenger shld learn and invest in proven players. djourou is finished, ramsey has notin to prove, diaby cant come back, gervinho shld be talk to, even vp lost lost gem towards the end of the season. i aint gonner surprise if he wants out

  9. I am tired of listening to Arsene’s unending grammers. Everyone associated with Arsenal knows we to be active this summer

  10. Yossi Benny has been instrumental,consistent and professional with the way he played for us and I would personally love it if we signed him for 1-2 seasons more.

  11. We had one of the most amazing seasons.All credit to the Boss. We dont have to buy the trophy but win it with our players not hired hitmen

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