Would Arsenal fans prefer Lukaku or Morata?

With Granit Xhaka already in the bag, Arsenal fans are praying that Arsene Wenger has just started the Gunners summer shopping with the classy midfielder. Le Prof has come in for a lot of stick this season for not bringing in a top class striker last summer, especially when Olivier Giroud’s 14 game goal drought basically denied Arsenal the Premier League title.

Theo Walcott’s dreams of emulating King Henry by being converted from a winger to an all out striker has been the biggest failed experiment of the season, and we were lucky that the perennially injured Danny Welbeck returned in time to keep us up in the race for the Champions League places. But now Danny is out yet again for the long term it is imperative that Wenger sorts out a true goalscorer to get on the end of Mesut Ozil’s assists, and according to the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, the two most likeliest superstrikers that could be in the frame are Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata.

Wenger may like to use his poker face when he talks about his transfer targets to the media, but he is hardly known to be a big gambler in the transfer market. But either of these two targets will definitely blow Arsenal’s record transfer fee, and Le Prof may have to go looking for some big jackpots on the online slots to help pay the 50million-plus transfer fees being asked by Real Madrid and Everton.

Lukaku may be the most expensive of the two, but for me he would be much less of a gamble. He has proved himself by knocking in goals at lowly Everton, so we can only imagine how many he will score if given the same amount of chances that Giroud has had this season. He is proven in the Premiership and has made it clear that he will be moving on this summer. He has always been hungry for goals and we can certainly give him the opportunity for trophies if he holds up his end of the bargain.

Alvaro Morata may be a bigger risk, but also has the potential to be a superstar. He has been held back by being understudy to some of the best strikers in the world at Real Madrid and Juventus, but still manages to impress when given his chances. The downside is that he has not played in the rough and tumble of the Premiership and may take some time to settle in. Even Mesut Ozil admitted that it took some getting used to, and Arsenal really cannot afford to give Morata any leeway to find his feet in the big boys League.

So I think Wenger must go for Lukaku. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans prefer Lukaku or Morata?

  1. I am adding a little to what have already been said , that Arsenal will be better with the two strikers together , it shouldn’t be either or. It said and I agree that Olivier Giroud’i inconsistent and had a 14 game goal drought basically denied Arsenal the Premier League title. As well it is said that Theo Walcott’s dreams of being converted from a winger to an all out striker has been the biggest failed experiment. In addition for the 2nd year successively Danny Welbeck got a serious injury and will be out for nine moth, so realistically Arsenal will need to sign two strikers if not three to replace those three who can not be relied on .

  2. Mr. Wenger, please sell Walcott, Campbell, Oxlade and Iwobi. Buy Kante, Koulibaly, Mahrez and Lukaku if you can not buy Suarez and Lewandowski. You had to buy Mats Hummels and a left back on the level of Mascherano.

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