Would Krul be a good transfer move for Arsenal?

Krul linked to the Gunners!

As Arsenal continue their search for top quality signings this summer, one area they are aware they need to address is the goalkeeping position. So far we have had the likes of Lazio’s Federico Marchetti, QPR’s Julio Cesar and even Barcelona’s Victor Valdes linked with us, but the latest name off the conveyor belt of players to be linked with Arsenal is Newcastle’s Tim Krul.

The Daily Star reports upon speculation that has been spreading in shallow waters on the internet, and they state that Wenger will turn his attention to Krul, if a move for Cesar fails to materialise.

Firstly let’s get things straight with Cesar. As you can probably tell those that stated he would be joining the Gunners after the Confederations Cup final were wrong. They don’t know anything more than we do so don’t get your hopes up by listening to everything on the internet. I don’t actually think Wenger would even take a look at the Brazil international goalkeeper due to his age and wage demands, but of course I’m not going to say a move will never happen because it’s also feasibly possible, the fact is we just don’t know.

Secondly and onto Krul, I doubt the report has much truth in it to be honest and it just seems to me as if it’s another rumour to fill the paper’s gossip column as well as obviously play with the hearts and minds of Arsenal fans, but that’s a whole different topic. Krul may not truly be an option for Wenger, but thinking about it, should we take a look at the Dutchman?

There’s no doubting that Krul is a very good goalkeeper. He struggled a lot last season, but remember how he excelled two seasons back and helped Newcastle in their attempt to get a Champion’s League place? An excellent goalkeeper with experience at the highest level and great experience in the Premier League, what better news could there be than to also know he has a low wage, rumoured to be around £35k. I think he would be an excellent choice to battle it out with Szczesny for the number one spot, the only problem may be the price and we shouldn’t be looking to spend extraordinary amounts on what could be a back-up goalkeeper, but aside from that he certainly has all the attributes.

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One thought on “Would Krul be a good transfer move for Arsenal?

  1. i see no problem with the 3 keepers currently on tour, for me there is only 2 keepers truly world class (casillas and neuer) and then you are looking at keepers that are not much better than szczesney on a good day. I think now that fabianski is maturing we have a keeper around the age where a keeper comes into his owne could be the man to rival wojech, if his injury issues can be laid to rest.

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