Life got a funny twist for Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger as the Frenchman might receive yet another offer to leave the Emirates Stadium even though the club is not at an all time high.
This would not be the first time that Wenger received an offer to leave the Gunners, but even though the temptations have been high at times, he managed to stay with the club for over 15 years now.
According to reports the Frenchman has snubbed previous offers from the French national squad and even Barcelona who have made an inquiry for him before Josep Guardiola took over the club.
Even though Arsenal’s fans are highly judging Wenger’s abilities lately, a departure is highly unlikely as the history of the two parties is now merged together. Wenger is well known for being one of the most important managers in the club’s history, and the Gunners have known their biggest success while under the management of the Frenchman. Even though he just recently hit the 15 year mark, Wenger dismissed the possibility to leave the club in the future if things continue heading in the right direction.

12 thoughts on “Would Wenger Be Able To Replace Mourinho?

    1. Who do you propose replace him? Do you think the board will suddenly give the new man unlimited funds? Get real!

    2. And a new manager is an automatic guarantee to win something i assume!!!! its amazing because when you look at the PL its only been Arsenal , Manu and Chelsea for the last decade!!! You can tell how well a former superpower have done with so much money and a new manager! most of our fans probably wouldn’t get through 6th grade with their IQ’s!!!

  1. I think wenger have overstayed his welcome.
    I will be happy to see someone with a new policy again.

  2. Wenger will stay and re-build the squad in the summer.. If u thought the first 125 yrs was good. We were just warming up.. Up the gunners!

  3. So??? what is the relation/connection between this article with “Would Wenger Be Able To Replace Mourinho”

  4. wenger is the only thing keeping us up in topgame but the board is the problom no high offers no high sfor the salary for the players dont tell my chelsea and city have big billoners as owners we also have osmanov t he sconed richest figer in the english pl so if stan the man cant cut it us mr big spendr he must go buy selling so wenger is the real hero of the club and if he does go to real madriad he will take over europe

  5. ya wenger should leave arsenal and if possible he should be replaced by guardiola or mourinho.but since he play greate roll for arsenal at the past time ,if he can change his police he should stay ,if not he should should also check the presdent , how he can perform his work.he is also not well ,he should also change if not perform well.

  6. please please ,buy gotze and if possible cavani as well as hazard if their is problem of money i may stand for arsenal which i love where ever.

  7. Wenger is not doing well i arsenal at the moet due to his stuborness. All he needs are two fantastic players in mid field and defence (maybe 2 defenders) and he will be competing for everything with the hope of winning. He has a good squards that need reenforcement and this he is not doing, reasons known only to him. He cannot survive six months in real madrid except he agrees to leave all issues about player recruitment and salaries to the president while he manages whatever players he is given. Can Wenger ever pay 80m GBP for a Ronaldo??? This is the real madrid style and it will be impossible for a Wenger to change them. He is stucked with Arsenal (which sounds like his name) as the board will NEVER sack him.

  8. if arsene will think of doing what is doing at emirates at the bernabu, he wont last four months trust me. he will be fired and the only place hwere he can be torelated is only at emirates. forget it. jose is the perfect man for madrid, that i stand to be corrected and the man if sacked i plead that he takes wenger,s post. he cant keep up with player the likes of theo, below per performance. he will sell arshavin before he arrives at emirates. wenger wont he instead will put up and continue whinning even when he is out of points.he has reached death stage of the product life cycye he needs to step down honourably. by the way if we cnt get jose dennis berkamp is our own who can pull up the stringss someone must save arsenal surely. we might we no. 7 or something

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