WOW! Can Arsenal REALLY beat Man Utd to STUNNING transfer

I will be amazed if Arsenal can pull this shock transfer off, but saying that I was pretty amazed when Arsene Wenger signed Alexis Sanchez last summer and even more so when we got Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid the previous year. So maybe the Metro report claiming that the Gunners could beat our Premier League rivals to the transfer of Sergio Ramos should not be dismissed out of hand.

There have been lots of reports linking the Spanish international defender with United and it appears that Ramos is ready to call time on his long career in La Liga and come to England. And it also looks like M;adrid and United are locked in battle over him and David De Gea, with neither willing to budge.

Perhaps that means that Arsenal could swoop in and get Ramos with a decent offer, especially with Spaniards like Santi Cazorla in the side and his good friend Ozil as well. He would not be cheap but we can afford him these days and this would send out a serious message to our rivals, especially those from Old Trafford. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “WOW! Can Arsenal REALLY beat Man Utd to STUNNING transfer

  1. Seriously stop talking!!! We r tired of many speculations or fake transfers. Let Wenger do his and we will wait for those surprises. I hope Wenger want striker as transfer priority so we will sing more “Wenger in we trust”.

  2. Absolute cack.

    The public are totally pissed off with the annoying speculation ffs! There is no way that Wenger will go for Ramos!

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