WOW! Stats show Arsenal nearly TWICE as good as Man Utd!!


Okay Arsenal fans, I know full well that stats do not tell the whole story and football is about more than the basic facts like possession, shots, attempts on target, clean sheets and all. But stats are used more and more by all the managers and coaches these days and they do give a good indication of individual and team performances.

So it is very encouraging to see the Premier League team stats on the website.

Not only does the table show Arsenal on top with a total of 3,321, above Man City on 2,992, but with Man United back in third with just 2,107 it suggests the Gunners have been almost twice as good as Louis van Gaal´s team.

The stats are based on the three categories of Attack, defence and possession and these in turn are made of many factors like tackles won, shooting and passing accuracy, so they are pretty comprehensive. And you might just enjoy seeing the Chelsea shambles of Jose Mourinho are down in 12th place with a score of just 1,144 and that suggests that Arsenal are three times better than the reigning EPL champions.

How do you like that Gooners?

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