Wow! Wenger admits the Arsenal defence made mistakes!

Shock horror! Can you believe that Arsene Wenger has actually admitted that the Arsenal players were at fault for allowing Swansea to come back twice to beat the Gunners today?

Normally he would wheel out the complaints about the referee or blame tiredness due to the (fixed) fixture list, but with very little option but to face the facts, he has actually told the truth for a change.

Of course he had to mention that Swansea shouldn’t have had a penalty but listen to what he said after that: “I still don’t understand where the referee found the penalty (for Swansea’s equaliser), then we defensively made some mistakes that we should not have done.

“When it was back at 2-2 we knew we could score a third but it was important not to make a mistake. But in the last games we have made mistakes that are difficult to explain. It is unbelievable, it happened at Fulham the same and again today.”

What is they say at Alcoholics Anonymous? You first have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it. Okay well Wenger has finally got past Stage One. So what is he going to do to fix it?

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16 thoughts on “Wow! Wenger admits the Arsenal defence made mistakes!

  1. Surly it is now time to change the manager and the board the currant transfer activity is a joke cheap loan signings it is midway through the window and still the problems have not been addressed.
    Wenger has been taking this team backwards every season and its come to a head so many players not good enough so much money banked from selling our best players lack of ambition and ticket rises next season

  2. I lost faith with Lord Wenger and most of his team three years ago. This team have served their purpose of keeping us afloat during the new stadium transition period. I just need to know if we can now finally afford a new manager and quality reinforcements?

  3. Per is minus one,ramsey not even an average player,Johan is lacking confidence,miquel is suffering from inexperience,can’t u see dat Wenger?

  4. A champions league club was out passed by a newly promoted side. Lucky if we reach europa league this year. We have not replaced players lost this season and we no longer dominate possession any more. We have to many players out on loan that will probably not ever get a chance of first team football with us. We have centre backs covering full back position and every team know this and can all get around the back of us. We should have more depth in our reserves. Full backs job is to be an extra winger and give us the width when our wide players roam. Unfortunately centre backs don’t do this naturally
    so they are easy meat for a half decent winger. How do these young players get experience if you don’t throw them in in their own position. It’s hard to be a gooner sometimes

  5. “What is they say at Alcoholics Anonymous? You first have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it. Okay well Wenger has finally got past Stage One,
    ” hahaha, Wenger isn’t addicted, he’s fixated in denial!

  6. This is such a difficult period for me i must admit.Seeing my beloved gunners lose yet another game……Where have the good old days gone,where we wud cream teams like Swansea???? When we had proper defenders and great creative midfielders and more then one great striker.Wenger needs to wake up and realise that things are not looking good,and changes need to be made.I want the real gunners back…..and i want them back soon.

  7. Wenger is balls at being a motivator or tactician. This isn’t new, he’s never been able to be flexible, nor has he been able to drive a team to win. He’s relied always on characters on the field to win things for him. In the past he had some truly world class players and leaders who could drag the team through but now he has alot of kids who have not won anything and who earn 60k a week to be absolutely mediocre at their jobs.

    You can’t blame RVP for not signing a new contract when a player of his caliber is continually undone by crap from his teammates.

    How can Arsene justify keeping some of these deadwood players on the payroll? As much as I hate Fergie, I have to admit that he knows how to manage and motivate a team. If you don’t perform, you don’t play or you get shipped out. Berbatov was a 30M pound buy, at one point a 20 goal a season striker, but the second he didn’t pull his weight, Fergie dropped him and he has never been taken off the black list since. This is the kind of atittude that has Fergie winning 12 league titles, 5 FA Cups and 2 CLs. No one talks about Man Utd dropping out of the CLs spots or that they can never win the league. Even when they are absolute bollocks no one discounts them. Every year for the past 7 years Arsenal have been discounted and Arsenal have proved the doubters right.

    Wenger and the board are only interested in profit and in doing the bare minimum that won’t incite a riot, than actually winning anything these days. The glory days are done and until the board is cleared out, Dein brought back and Wenger either axed or comes to his senses then we’ll live in this mire for years to come.

    1. I believe mr wenger has to go back to 4-4-2 formation,it gives us more attackin option when going forward.Ramsey needs to be dropped from d team,he is nt improving at all.Arsenal is nt barca dat they are used to 4-3-3 formation.we need to go back to our former formation dat gave us glory in d past.

      1. I agree with the 4-4-2 as that was our winning formation all those years ago. The other problem being our midfield just do not worrk hard enough to win the ball back higher up the pitch. We drop into our half and invite the other side to attack us. Remember Viera-Parlour-Thomas-Petit-Gilberto-fabragas. All players that won the ball back early and kept pressure on the other team in their half. That restict them to the long ball game. Our defenders should learn to defend first and play decent football second. How many games have we lost from a winning position this season. Bad mentality

  8. I agree with you WC. Am Ugandan and just 22yrs but i bet you my soul we had more passionate funs 7yrs ago and now all new kids watching soccer prefer Manure and Cheal$ea. We may not contribute much to Arsenal money but it is depresing to see less than 1/4 the bar celebrating at an Arsenal goal. We have lost zeal in soccer and many blame the English funs for not making stand regarding our soccer! Do something! U have the power!

  9. He just know how to admit it in front of people but i’m surely he is a type of manager that never know how to scold his players when he need to do that and motivate them, unlike Ferguson.

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