WTF? Arsenal turnips going for an old Swede!! Is he top, top though?

It seems that the big transfer target for Arsenal today is Kim Kallstrom on loan. He’s currently at Spartak Moscow but appears to be on his way to Arsenal on loan for the remainder of the season. It’s been confirmed by most media outlets and the BBC’s Ornstein himself. Why are we trying to sign him?

He is 31 years old and had to be sold to Spartak because he was no longer good enough for Lyon in Ligue 1. He is even struggling to start for Spartak and yet he is somehow good enough to play for a team fighting for the title and playing in the Champions league. I’m not sure if he would even be available to play in Europe as Spartak qualified for the Europa League but were knocked out in the play-offs.

His attributes are that he’s got a decent engine and he can pass well. There isn’t much to his game after that. He really isn’t what we need as a pairing with Arteta and I’d be very surprised if he could deal with the speed the Premier league plays at.

He would definitely not feature in the big games (I’d hope not anyway) as he just wouldn’t be able to cope with their fast passing and movement. He’s only been brought in I assume to play against the lesser teams (like Palace, Sunderland, West Ham etc). But is he a better option next to Arteta than Rosicky or Chamberlain (if Jack and Ramsey are injured)? I highly doubt it. They both have far more energy and are adapted to the pace and requirements of the league.

I thought this January was an opportunity to strengthen after terrible injuries to maintain our title challenge and things can still change today, but I really am disappointed that the summit of our ambition is to sign a 31 year old who can’t even get a start in the Russian league. It does appear to be happening, though, with the Mirror reporting he is in London for his medical already. Whoopee!

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3 thoughts on “WTF? Arsenal turnips going for an old Swede!! Is he top, top though?

  1. Negative blog. Glass half full. I wonder where you will be when we are celebrating our premiership title win?

  2. Do you know better than arsene? Some of you this idiot bloggers will just sit in front of your system and analyse bunch of nonsense.

  3. That’s Wenger for you. He wishes to have top top players but not willing to pay the price.He is treating Arsenal as his personal business and giving us fans head ache. Too bad

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