It looks like Arsenal could be set to complete our first, and arguably the most important, transfer deal of the summer window. The player in question is the Chelsea veteran Petr Cech and so we have to assume that the talks he was due to have with the Stamford Bridge club yesterday went well.

There had been some fears that Chelsea would go back on their agreement to allow their long serving star to choose his own destination, and Jose Mourinho declared he would have done it it was up to him. But after a report by tampa fl dating sites today revealed that the CEO of the Gunners Ivan Gazidis confirmed that he was in talks with Cech and Chelsea over the move, it looks like Arsenal will get our man.

The transfer is said to be costing us around £10 million and that will be an absolute bargain if Cech has the sort of impact on our Premier League title hopes as many in the football media have suggested it will.

3 thoughts on “YES! Arsenal ARE in talks over Cech transfer says boss!

  1. Can we stop talking about signing a player that is not good enough for Chelsea. Can we stop reading about Walcott being close to signing a new contract. Can we stop going on about Draxler and Benzema, both of whom decided that that didn’t want to join us last year. Can we please read about something that is fresh and has a ring of truth in the text.

  2. Cech will not give us the title, we need Aubameyang or lacazzete or Berahino. SIMPLE! Flexible pacey striker.

  3. This is a fantastic signing and exactly the kind arsenal need. a world class goalkeeper can save a club 9-12 points a season. and i believe walcott is gonna be a great striker for arsenal and i truly believe wenger logic is to promote theo to CF and the ox is our best option in WR. Drawler is paper talk, nothing more. It won’t happen. three signings is all we will have this summer and peter cech is our first. A big midfielder is next on the list and maybe a young striker. I’m happy with that

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