Arsenal fans have been hoping for a player to solve the age old defensive midfield problem for some years now, but the Gunners were in danger of taking a backward step rather than sorting it out, according to a Metro report.

The Spanish midfielder and club captain Mikel Arteta may not be every Arsenal fans’ idea of the right player for the job, but when you consider the options in the Arsenal squad at the minute, the last thing we wanted was to lose him. So the news that Arteta has brushed off any rumours about him moving on and agreed an extension to his current contract must be seen as a positive piece of Arsenal transfer news.

Arsenal fans will just be hoping that this does not mean that Arsene Wenger thinks he has enough cover and quality in the centre of midfield. Arteta does do a great job of keeping possession and dictating the pace of the game, but he is much more effective when Arsenal are playing the so-called lower clubs.

When it comes to playing the likes of Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man City or Barcelona, Arsenal do need more power to cope and the 32-year old Spaniard just has not got the legs. But will Wenger sign anyone to help him in January?

2 thoughts on “YES! Arsenal beat rivals to seal deal for midfield star!!

  1. He’s done his best to adapt to this role but he is not a dmf. It is another example of Wenger thinking he knows better where an established, highly experienced player should play !

  2. Arteta is not the answer to Arsenals problems…get a qaulity defensive midfielder…Wenger!!!! stop being sentimentil with certian players…and strat picking the right balance in the team…or sell your bench players for better ones…this is what Chelsea, liverpool, United have done over the years…players like Prodolski and co needs to play every week or every second game…get it right or get out…your brains are getting miff…

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