YES! Benzema transfer to Arsenal CONFIRMED!!

According to the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, all the noise coming from Arsene Wenger this summer on the subject of his current strike force and the possibility of Arsenal signing from Real Madrid has simply been smoke and mirrors to throw us and the football media off the scent.

Because the France international will be heading to north London and the Premier League before the end of the summer transfer window and Benzema is very happy and excited about the transfer, according to a Metro report. This brilliant deal has been confirmed by the Otalian football journalist Emanuelle Giulianelli, so hopefully this guy knows what he is talking about and is somehow privy to the goings on behind the scenes.

He wrote, “Benzema will join Arsenal. 4 years contract at €9mln/y. #afc #gunners.”

And, “Benzema told to his entourage that he’s excited about Wenger and Gunners. He loves Arsenal fans. #afc”

So if this is true, has the Arsenal boss just completed the signing of the key player that will see the Gunners finally get our hands on the Premier League trophy after an 11 year wait?

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6 thoughts on “YES! Benzema transfer to Arsenal CONFIRMED!!

  1. Benzema would be owesome addition but he is becoming injury prone.Higuin refused a new contract,mr wenger try to persuade him incase the former fails,we have an alternative.

  2. I will only believe when Benzema is unveiled at Emirates as Real Madrid is not keen on selling. Wenger is not serious about signing more players. God help us.

  3. Have we not read similar stories before about Matinez, llorentte etc only to be flatly disappointed? I think it has come to a point whereby real gooners need not to be deceived and be fraustrated any further. Let ‘AW’ buy or not buy players, its left to him to keep or loose his job. Arsenal will be forever.

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