Arsenal fans have long thought that Arsene Wenger was, let’s say careful, with the club’s money and treated every penny spent as if it was coming out of his own bank account. We also accepted, by and large, that Wenger’s hands were tied, financially speaking, while the cost of building the Emirates stadium was paid off.

That is done though and he is still not spending anything like what our Premier League rivals are spending and nowhere near the amount available to him, so when you read the report in the Daily Star about the shocking and exciting possibility that the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, might want top sign for Arsenal, it is tempered a bit by the news that Messi is looking for a massive salary.

The report claims that the Barcelona and Argentina forward is keen on a move to the Premier League and we are his first choice but the weekly wage of £600,000 mentioned would appear to be a deal breaker. Unless, of course, that this very situation is the reason why Wenger has been sitting on and adding to the club’s massive cash reserves.

Realistically though Arsenal fans, what are the chances of us seeing the mercurial Messi in an Arsenal shirt?

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