Yet another Arsenal transfer target going elsewhere

Arsenal have once again fallen at the hands of their transfer targets, with this time losing out on more recently known transfer target, Bernard. Bernard, who plays for Athletico Mineiro in Brazil, is also a Brazilian international midfielder who performed magnificently at this summer’s Confederations Cup. As a result he got some outstanding reviews from the pundits and players alike, and his talent was quickly picked up on from clubs across Europe.

Arsenal was one of those clubs and we were reportedly the keenest club from England, not surprising news there as obviously Arsenal are now the club where all the young players seem to go, whilst Chelsea, United and City all go for experienced proven players. But little rant aside, Arsenal were seemingly ever closer to bringing in their first major signing of the summer because quite simply despite his talent I’m not even going to convince myself that Yaya Sanogo was our first port of call in this window.

But as you may have heard, we have also failed to bring in this target as of this moment. Mineiro accepted a bid from Ukrainian side Shaktar Donetsk however the manager made it very clear that the player might not necessarily move there.

“To Shaktar we said yes, it (the bid) is worth what we want and so he can go if he wants. It’s in his hands, I have talked with him and it’s his own private matter. With Atletico it is practically done, but if he does not want to go then we will not force him.”

So I suppose there is still a chance Arsenal could get this upcoming superstar, however for the price that’s being quoted of around £22 million, I’m not sure if I really want him. Unless you’re City or Madrid, or maybe even Liverpool for that matter, you would only pay that kind of price for a starting XI player, however I don’t see where Bernard would fit in our team, let alone who he would replace. At £15m I would reconsider but still only then if we had money to spare, because ultimately there are far better players and more important positions that need filling first in priority.

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