Zigic to Arsenal transfer rumour a wind-up? Apparently not!!

When the Arsenal transfer rumours first started to suggest that Arsene Wenger was considering the giant Serbian striker Nikola Zigic as an emergency replacement for the injured French forward Olivier Giroud, I didn’t even bother getting annoyed.

After all, there was no way there could be any truth to such a daft rumour was there? I mean, if Wenger wanted a striker who was just a big, useless lump, he would have offered Nicklas Bendtner a new contract wouldn’t he? The only possible explanation would be that Wenger’s dog had chewed up his notebook with all the possible striker in it and just left the final page intact. But even then he would have gone for Bobby Zamora.

So I thought that some mischievous journalist, probably a spud, was having a laugh, but maybe not. According to a Metro report, the 33-year old’s agent, Milan Casalan, has revealed that Wenger has contacted the player, who is available for free after being released by Birmingham City. The report goes on to say that the deal is going to happen and Zigic is set for his Arsenal medical today.

After all the good work Arsenal have done in the transfer window this summer, signing such a rubbish striker to lead the line would make us a laughing stock again. I can think of about a thousand better options off the top of my head, but then Wenger did stun us all by signing an injured and aging Swedish midfielder when we last had a striker crisis, so at least Zigic is actually a centre forward, even if he is not a very good one.

Can you believe this is happening, Gooners?

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3 thoughts on “Zigic to Arsenal transfer rumour a wind-up? Apparently not!!

  1. It’s useless to speak about that, if it’s true, this player will be sub, and maybe will play just 1 full game, for the Capital One cup lol
    Hope AW will sign Carvalho, cause we need this player!

  2. I know Arsene is the manager and we are not and he has a wealth of experience and knowlege, and we don’t, and he is respected around the world, and we are not, but sometimes I wonder if he knows what he is doing or is old age just catching up to him. Surely, money is not the issue anymore. Then why ? You can tell Sonogo is never going to be the type of player Arsenal need ! Giroud can not play 60 games a season ! So what is going on ?

  3. I am tired of talking about Wenger season after season and nothing has changed. Early in the transfer window when I posted that Wenger had finished his signings, nobody took me serious. The man was the same yesterday,is the same today and will continue to be the same until he is forced to leave.At the beginning of the season, we have so many injuries. What happens in February and March when the toll starts croping in? Even with all these signs, he has sold players and not bought enough. I just wonder what type of board we have to keep him. Very soon. he will start chanting four top finish again. I hope we can get it this time with Spurs, Everton and even Man U. around the corner.

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