Samir Nasri:”Wenger inspired me when he said ‘that’s bulls**t’ ”

Manchester United’s player Samir Nasri is grateful for his former manager’s advice after he managed to score the goal which secured France’s qualification at EURO 2012. The midfielder stated after the match that Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger’s words were the ones which inspired him to take the penalty-kick which proved to be vital for the French. Since leaving The Gunners Nasri had many ups and downs and after the goal scored against Bosnia he finally received praise.

“I thought of Arsene Wenger’s words when I picked up the ball. “

“He told me last season, ‘You can take revenge in person if someone fouls you’.”

“Some people say you should not take a penalty if you are the player who has been brought down. But he said that’s bulls**t. “

“And it worked perfectly for me.”

“That goal was the most important I’ve scored. There was huge pressure. “

“It would have been difficult for us to go through the play-offs.”

Samir Nasri left Arsenal in the summer for a £25 million transfer fee, and he motivated that even though he is really close to the club and the club’s fans, he wants to win trophies and thinks that Manchester City can offer him the best chance to do that.

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