Is Declan Rice too slow to be a top footballer for Arsenal?


Should Declan Rice being used to slow football be a point of concern for Mikel Arteta’s quick hit-and-go style? Paul Merson had this to say about the ex-West Ham star not long ago: “Declan Rice will need to get used to the way Arsenal play.

“They move the ball around a lot faster than he’s used to at West Ham and England.”

Other than Merson’s claims, the Independent, in a revelation about why the 24-year-old didn’t join Manchester City, indicated that Pep Guardiola had doubts about how quick Rice is. They claim, “The City manager initially had some reservations over how quick Rice is with the ball at his feet, although that is understood to have passed as he has matured as a player. Guardiola was convinced by the time the champions made a play this summer.”

Other than Paul Merson’s view and the Independent’s claim on what Guardiola initially thought about Rice, back in 2021, Rice had to criticise FIFA 22 for giving him 66 for his pace, of which the Englishman dismissed, saying, “I’m not slow! I’m not slow, that’s the thing!” 81 defence, 79 physical, and 74 dribble…mate, I’m convinced they [EA Sports] just sit at a computer ’cause they’re bored writing a thousand players down and go, ‘Yeah, he’s a sixty-something, he’s a seventy-something…done.”

Is Rice too slow, and could it be an issue, or do you think his pace is okay and he will do well at Arsenal?

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