Stop comparing Arteta to Emery!

Hi my fellow Arsenal fans. I may seem a little angry through my write up; I may sound blunt and I may sound unpleasant. But one thing I won’t do is to keep quiet while people use every little opportunity to criticize a man who is trying his best to create an impact. We lost to a team in the Europa league and we were dumped out from that competition, but does that make us a failure? Does it make Arteta a failure; no it doesn’t, does it?

Can we just forget about Emery and move on now?

Two months after Emery has been sacked, what he has been getting are bashings and bad testimonies from both his former players at Arsenal and from sport pundits. Unai Emery came to Arsenal with a good coaching record. In his first season at Arsenal, he went 22 games unbeaten, while beating Tottenham in the process and drawing against Liverpool, who later went on to be Champions league winners. He really tried his best to make Arsenal competitive and they were. We played in the final of the Europa League and only lost to Chelsea because we gave them so much respect. He also began his second season at Arsenal with a win against Newcastle. In all, while many may want to view Emery’s time at Arsenal as a failure, I choose to view it differently. Emery was just unfortunate to be saddled with problems he had no solutions for.

What does it take to be a true Arsenal supporter?

Two seasons ago when Arsene Wenger was still coach of Arsenal, I had an encounter with a celebrated football commentator on issues pertaining to Arsenal. He came for a football conference in Lagos and I was to cover the conference as an independent journalist. After the conference, I walked up to him and asked him one honest but blunt question; I asked him why he hated Arsenal with so much passion! During the course of the conference, he spoke so much about how Arsenal was doomed for destruction, simply because Wenger was in charge and how Wenger had lost ideas on how to move the club forward.

The FA Cup should be an Arsenal top priority now

Hello! With Arsenal finding it difficult to winning a game in the Premiership, won’t it be a wise decision to channel all our efforts towards the cup games? If we ended the season as FA cup and Europa cup winners, won’t we have recorded a successful season?

Unless we re-arrange our priorities, we may end the season on a very low. Why did I say so? Well, from the way I see things in the league, Arsenal may end the season outside the top four. We should be grateful if we ended the season in the top ten! As far as this season is concerned, we have lost our chances. Even if we go on a winning run, it still may not guarantee us a top four finish, because the other clubs in the top six will not just sit and watch us push them out of the top four, would they?

AFCON in January is bad for African players as well as Arsenal

Good day Gooners. Hope we have moved on emotionally and mentally from our stalemate against Sheffield United over the weekend? Tomorrow, we are playing Chelsea at the bridge; I believe we can get a positive result from that game.

Last week it was reported that the African cup of nations, AFCON, was going to be moved back to January for next year’s cup of nations in Africa. This plan to move the competition was initiated by the Cameroonian FA, in conjunction with the confederation of African football, CAF. Cameroon, who are hosting next year’s competition, wants the tournament to be played in January because by June/July, the country may likely experience heavy rain falls. With this excuse, they may be justified after all to move the tournament backwards, right?

Man City couldn’t beat Arsenal’s Invincibles record – Why should Liverpool?

Hello once again gooners. How do we do? Just this morning as I lay on bed, I went through some sport sites. While scrolling through, I stumbled across a site that went with this headline: “Arsenal set to lose their invincible records to Liverpool”. Like seriously, how sure are they that Liverpool will equal our records at the end of the season, when the season just got half way? Even if we do lose our record to them, does it change anything about Arsenal’s record?