Why didn’t Arsenal sign a Napoli striker this summer?


Why didn’t any team take the risk of signing one of Europe’s most lethal attacking duos, Victor Osimhen and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia? Napoli’s success in Serie A—lifting it—was due to their dedication and brilliance.

So, as Arsenal, why didn’t we try to recruit them? That’s a question I believe many of us will ask, especially after hearing Thierry Henry ask the same.

“I was surprised that Kvaratskhelia stayed, Osimhen stayed,” said Henry on CBS Sports. “I think it was vital for them to be able to stay, to compete in the Champions League and the league.

“But, for me, they lost Spalletti. Very big,”

Before we can understand why we didn’t go after them, we need to know if we even tried to get them in the first place.

Apparently if Napoli were to sell the duo, they would have sold one of them, and on July 31st, Football Transfers revealed that we wanted Khvicha because we thought Osimhen was staying put at Napoli; in truth, the Nigerian who was reportedly not leaving Napoli last summer was meant to give Napoli to accept offers for his partner in crime. Unfortunately for us, that move never happened.We didn’t sign Khvicha, but what about Osimhen?

The Nigerian leaving Napoli this summer was improbable. If the Italians were to let him go, it would not be for less than £150 million. We couldn’t afford such a deal after signing Rice for £105 million. Anyway, it’s a good thing no one else did because we’re told Edu is working on signing the Napoli No. 9 next year.

We’ll have to wait and watch if we follow up on our signing of Osimhen with a deal for Khvicha.

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