Arteta’s Call: Emulate the Example Set by this Arsenal Man


Mikel Arteta’s recent praise for Eddie Nketiah sheds light on the young forward’s remarkable work ethic and resilience within the Arsenal squad. The unexpected inclusion of Nketiah in the starting lineup against Nottingham Forest not only surprised fans but also showcased his undeniable merit on the pitch.

The 24-year-old Hale End graduate seized the opportunity with flair, scoring just 26 minutes into the game and delivering a performance that caught the manager’s attention.

Arteta’s admiration for Nketiah’s character and dedication is evident in his words: “Delighted for him because he’s a role model. What he did when he came on the field in the final, was that he changed the game, that’s number one.”

Arteta in full praise for Nketiah

Arteta continued to highlight the Englishman’s commitment, stating, “And the second one, the way he trained this week, he was telling me: ‘gaffer, if I don’t play, you are blind.’ A lot of players come and say: ‘ah, why am I not playing?’, and you have to try and explain.”

The Arsenal manager’s words suggest that Nketiah’s approach sets a positive example for the team. Arteta underlined the forward’s great way of setting an example for the team: “Other players tell you the reasons why they deserve to play, this is exactly what Eddie does.”

The Spanish tactician continued, “This is exactly what he did and then he goes onto the pitch, and he performs as well. It’s a clear example and a very good example for everybody.”

Nketiah’s fine form at the Emirates continues

Arteta’s emphasis on Nketiah’s unwavering determination for his rightful place in the team, underscoring the forward’s growth over the seasons. The 24-year-old notably stepped up during the previous campaign, particularly in the absence of the injured Gabriel Jesus, showcasing his potential and growth.

As Nketiah’s career trajectory continues its upward trend, Arteta’s commendation echoes the club’s belief in his ability to contribute significantly. The young Englishman’s dedication, coupled with his on-field performances, paints a promising picture of his potential as he inches closer to his prime.

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