Declan Rice to Arsenal Debate: Arteta can unlock the potential of a Rising Star


LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 20: Declan Rice of West Ham United celebrates after scoring the team's third goal during the UEFA Europa Conference League Quarterfinal Second Leg match between West Ham United and KAA Gent at London Stadium on April 20, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

The recent transfer of Declan Rice from West Ham United to Arsenal has sparked debates among football enthusiasts. While some question the hefty price tag associated with the acquisition, others wonder if there are hidden qualities in Rice that have yet to be fully unleashed. In this article, we will delve into Rice’s strengths, weaknesses, and the potential impact he could have at Arsenal under the guidance of manager Mikel Arteta.

Underrated Skills:

Throughout his time at West Ham, Rice’s name may not have frequently appeared in the discussions of pundits and football media when analyzing midfielders. However, it is essential to recognize that such observations do not necessarily reflect a player’s true abilities. While other midfielders have received more attention, Rice possesses unique qualities that often go unnoticed.

Energy and Awareness:

One of Rice’s standout attributes is his energy and awareness on the pitch. His tireless work rate and ability to cover ground effectively make him a reliable defensive presence. This stamina and spatial awareness allow him to contribute to the team’s shape, closing down opponents, intercepting passes, and providing a defensive shield in front of the backline.

Hidden Potential:

Critics argue that Rice lacks finesse and multi-faceted qualities compared to other midfielders like Thomas Partey. However, it is crucial to consider that Rice is still a young player with room to grow and develop his skills. Perhaps, under Arteta’s guidance and strategic approach, Rice can unlock hidden facets of his game and expand his skill set beyond what was previously showcased at West Ham.

Guided Instruction and Development:

Arteta’s belief in Rice’s potential may stem from the midfielder’s age and malleability. With the right guidance, instruction, and training, Rice has the capacity to refine his skills and become a more complete player. The Arsenal manager’s track record of nurturing young talents could prove instrumental in unlocking Rice’s untapped potential.

The Perfunctory Role:

Alternatively, it is essential to acknowledge that Rice’s current skill set might suit a specific role within the team. While some might perceive his abilities as limited, his shortcomings can be supplemented by the strengths of his teammates. In a more formidable team like Arsenal, Rice’s defensive presence and ability to read the game can play a vital role in maintaining the team’s structure and allowing other players to flourish.


Declan Rice’s move to Arsenal has generated a mix of skepticism and intrigue among gooners. While some question the price tag associated with the transfer, others believe that there is untapped potential within Rice that can be harnessed under Arteta’s guidance. Regardless of the differing opinions, it is clear that Rice possesses valuable qualities such as energy, awareness, and defensive prowess. Whether he evolves into a more well-rounded player or continues in a specific role, Rice’s presence in Arsenal’s lineup is poised to make a significant impact. Only time will reveal the true extent of his abilities and the value he brings to the team.


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