Carragher – “No guarantees that Declan Rice will win trophies with Arsenal


Declan Rice is a lucky man; he had the chance to join the club he wanted, between Arsenal and Manchester City, and fortunately for Gooners, he chose to join them.

But as he joins the Gunners next season, they have to make him feel like he made the right decision by joining them.

They can justify his move to the Emirates by building their team around him; Arteta can give him the keys to his midfield. Trust him to marshal his midfielders and see his team prosper

Arsenal as a team can also give him the one thing he must have been dreaming of since he turned pro: the pleasure of winning the Premier League. The Gunners’ £105 million offer for his acquisition will mean something if they can lift the 2023–24 league title.

Last season, the Gunners were as close as they have ever been to winning the league, and there was hope that after deals such as Rice’s, they could be stronger to win the league next season.

Manchester City can’t once again win the league next season. It won’t sit well with the Gooners; it would make some question breaking the transfer record for the 24-year-old. It will give some pundits a field day. As per the Metro, Jamie Carragher insinuated that Rice isn’t guaranteed to win trophies at Arsenal: ‘I always felt he [Rice] would end up at Chelsea, but he could go to Arsenal, and it could go great for him. He’s a step up from what they’ve got, but there is no guarantee he will go on to win the biggest trophies with them.”

Anyway, hopefully, all will be well and come next year at such a time, Arsenal will have given Rice his first Premier League title, the first of many

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