Wenger:”We have the squad to do it and this time it will happen “

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was quoted in the club’s official magazine speaking about the many experienced players The Gunners now have and about the situation with the captains. Arsenal now prides itself with many experienced players who could easily handle the captaincy. Robin Van Persie has the honour right now as you all know, and Wenger announced that Vermaelen is the co-captain, but players like Szczesny, Mertesacker or Arteta could easily take on the challenge they will have a chance.

“Sometimes we are reproached for not having enough captains in our squad, now we have plenty,” Wenger told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

“Overall we have more experience and this could be important if we are in a strong position should we have interesting challenges in March or April. That could have a big part to play.

“We got criticised a lot last season for not getting over the line, but I believe that we were so close, so, so close that it was unbelievable to accept. But we have added more experience. Also last year we lost important players in March and April because we went for all the trophies, so hopefully we have the squad to do it and this time it will happen.

“In every position you always have number one, two and three, knowing there is not a lot between them. But basically I’m very happy with the signings we made and my challenge now is to prove that I made the right decisions. I have great belief in the players I brought in and I am convinced they will prove me right.”

Wenger should stop worrying about how things will go down if he gets close to a cup or title win, and start thinking about what he must do to get Arsenal in that position. The Gunners are currently a long way away from the form which took them so close to winning some silverware last season and the Frenchman is the only one who can change this at the moment.