Wenger doesn’t care about Spurs in his fight to the top.

Arsene Wenger played along with Wilshere’s bet for a while, but now it’s time to be serious about things and the Frenchman declared that he doesn’t care that much about who is on top of whom just as long as they reach the target at the end of the season, and for the moment the target is to be in the top four.

“At the moment Spurs are fighting for the top four like we do. At the end we can both be in the top four, and we will try everything possible to be in front of them, but that is not enough for me,” said Wenger

Jack Wilshere picks on Tottenham’s fans

Arsenal’s injured midfielder Jack Wilshere seems so bored about not being able to play and give Wenger a helping hand that he started to pick on Tottenham’s fans on Twitter. The 19-year-old placed a £3000 bet with Spurs’ supporters that Arsenal will finish above the White Hart Lane side.

“All Spurs fans buzzing that they are ahead of us in the league (for once). It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”, said Wilshere

“I tell you what at the end of the season if Spurs finish above Arsenal I will give £3000 to charity.”