Wenger Attacks Manchester City’s Transfer Policy

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has attacked the clubs who choose to have a transfer policy which destroy football for all the other clubs according to the Frenchman. Clubs like City, Real Madrid or PSG transfer anything they set their eyes on and this seems unfair for Wenger.

“The financial difference between us and teams like City has become too big for us to keep the players for eight, nine, 10 years,” Wenger told The Sun.

“We lost Thierry Henry we lost Patrick Vieira. We lost other players before but they had played here for eight, nine years.

Will Wenger’s Policies Save Arsenal When Things Get Tough?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s decisions have been often contested by Gunner fans around the world who were unsatisfied more often than not with the way Wenger goes about transfers and about the small salaries which are being offered at the club, but the same policy which has been hauled for all these years might be Arsenal’s salvation.

The Frenchman anticipates a financial crisis in the world football and seems to think that his policies will help the club stay away from any unwanted problems.

“Economically the whole environment has changed and people suffer more. The clubs will suffer more financially and it’s much more difficult.