Arsenal boss issues firm NO to striker transfer rumours

Arsenal fans are well used to Arsene Wenger revealing as little as he possibly can about any Arsenal transfer business. You can’t blame him really, because as well as trying to avoid any complications with other clubs going for the same players, the Arsenal boss likes to do things the right way, not make bold statements intended to unsettle players.

So take Wenger’s denials, as reported by, of recent speculation about possible strikers who could join Arsenal in January, with a large pinch of salt if you like. If it is true though, then it seems that Arsenal fans can forget about Alvaro Morata of Real Madrid or Alexandre Pato of Corinthians in Brazil.

These two young strikers were this week reported to have agreed a loan deal, in the case of Morata, and been the subject of an Arsenal bid which was rejected. In fact, the Frenchman went as far as suggesting that Arsenal may not sign anyone as Yaya Sanogo is due back from injury in January.

Wenger said, “We have at the moment Yaya Sanogo, who is a striker we brought in during the summer, who is coming back from injury in January. Hopefully he will help us in the second part of the season.”

On making a bid for Pato, Wenger declared, “No”!

On Morata he said, “No, there is no truth in that. That is all I can say. I haqve not been in touch with them.”

I am surprised Wenger didn’t start bigging up the greatest striker in the world Nicklas Bendtner while he was at it and go on to remind us that Diaby is only four months away. It seems sometimes as if Wenger likes to keep the Arsenal fans biting our nails right until the last minute, like with Mesut Ozil this summer.

But I am sure that Wenger will be trying to bring in some more support for Olivier Giroud. But who will it be?

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