Arsenal-fan Jeremy Corbyn asks the club to show compassion

The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a well-known Arsenal supporter and actually turned up for the North London Derby against Tottenham on Sunday.

But he wasn’t just there to watch the game (although I’m sure he did), he was also there to urge the Gunners bosses to set an example, as their local council, Islington was the first to pay the Living Wage to all of its staff.

He said outside the Emirates: “It is about social justice, it is about young people being properly treated, and it is about the example that big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham, Crystal Palace and so on can set to everyone else in London.”

I certainly do think Arsenal should sign up to pay this minimal amount to their Stewards, cleaners and bar workers,etc. When you think how much the Arsenal players (not to mention the manager) earn every hour for kicking a ball about, then they can definitely afford to pay a Living wage to all the people that make their living possible by working in the ground….

Do you all agree?

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