Arsenal fans’ BIG laugh at Mourinho and Man United

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans out there but I was certainly a bit worried when the news broke at the end of last season that Manchester United would be parting company with their Dutch manager Louis van Gaal and replacing him with the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho.

It looks like I need not have bothered though, because those United fans that were so happy a short time ago may well now be wishing that they had stuck with old LVG. At least he won them a trophy, with the FA cup success in his final game in charge. At the minute it looks like Mourinho and Man United would be hard put to win a coin toss.

Just as happened in his final season at Chelsea, the wheels seem to be coming off the Mourinho bus at Old Trafford and he cannot even seem to park it anymore after getting a pasting away to his former club last weekend. The stories of United players unhappy with the manager are growing and the latest from Metro suggests that the brother of the England left back Luke Shaw has been slamming Jose on Twitter and calling him a C**t (see you next Tuesday).

And the Arsenal fans on social media have been no kinder to the Portuguese pillock and who can blame us after the way he has been with our own manager Arsene Wenger, a man with more class in his little finger than Mourinho has in his whole body.

So when the news broke about the United boss being miserable as he was living alone in a hotel, it was the cue for some funny tweets from Gooners around the net, as reported by Metro, with some comparing his situation to that of Alan Partridge and another dubbing him the specialist in misery.

Revenge is sweet is it not Arsenal fans?

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