Arsenal Lucky? Yes but for just ONE key Champions League moment

After Arsenal pulled off the great escape in Greece last night, Arsene Wenger spoke about the game and suggested that getting through when all the odds had been stacked against us could mean that this will be our lucky year in the Champions League.

I am not too sure about that but you could definitely say that we were due a bit of good luck. After all we were handed a group with one of the big favourites Bayern Munich and then the only luck we had in the first two games was bad. I still feel that Giroud’s red card was very harsh, there were deflected goals and we just did not get the rub of the green.

As an report shows, Wenger was not talking about Arsenal being lucky during the game last night, but more in the way things have worked out for the best and left the team buoyant and believing that we can do anything.

He said, “It will make us stronger and strengthen the belief of the squad. It is a special night for us because, as we said before the game, we were in escape mode. We needed something special and when you deliver something special it can create positive memories for the rest of the season. Maybe it’s a lucky year for us in the Champions League, you never know.”

There was a big slice of luck for us during the game though. When Giroud turned his ankle right at the start of the second half it could easily have forced him off. It was only 1-1 at that point and we did not have many attacking options on the bench.

So the fact that Giroud’s ankle was okay was probably the key to us being in the next round. Arsenal could do with a bit more luck when the draw is made on Monday, but if anyone deserves it surely it is us.

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