Arsenal signing Bridge could be a good move – or a VERY BAD move!

Signing Bridge would be a decent move while not doing so would be a sign of ambition
“I haven’t made any enquiry at all,” Wenger said in a press conference. “For the moment, there’s no Wayne Bridge on the table.”

While he may not have explicitly stated it, Wenger seems unlikely to make a move for the left-back. Arsenal fans may have wanted this man to be in the team, but realistically speaking what kind of message will the move convey to the press and the supporters? This is Wayne Bridge, the man who has shown all but his professionalism in voicing out and clearly slamming his team and manager.

“When I was at Chelsea I was playing for a team where Ashley Cole was the best in the world and I still got games,” Bridge said.

“It won’t happen at City. There has never been an explanation, but it’s obvious they don’t want me.

“I’ve never caused trouble, I’m not that kind of character. There will be days when I’m frustrated – not depressed, but down. Training helps take my mind off the fact that I don’t play.

“If I kicked up a fuss I might have got out easier.”

Which sums up his character and attitude very well. Remember the last time Arsenal signed a player who could not keep things to himself? William Gallas proved to be a good signing on the pitch but in the long run, his influence and poor attitude off the pitch cost Arsenal so much.

Furthermore, Wayne Bridge’s plea to leave the club makes him a target for everyone. How would Arsenal appear signing a reject from a big club? The signing of Benayoun was different considering he was injured for the majority of the time he spent at Chelsea and that he has a good footballing attitude.

However, looking at the move from a purely football point of view, it would not be too bad. Robert Mancini claimed that he “hopes Wayne Bridge leaves the club in January” and right now Arsenal could do with a backup left back too. So there are the pros and the cons to such a move, but whatever Arsene Wenger goes with we can be sure that other signings will be made too!

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