Arsenal’s Szczesny a good bet to keep a clean sheet for Poland tonight

Wojciech Szczesny’s EURO experience is about to begin, and this will also mark his first international tournament in his career, as the 22-year-old is about to enter a very tight group, but one from which Poland has quite a good chance of going through, especially as they will be playing on home territory.

Szczesny’s debut match, and the match which will also mark the beginning of the 2012 European Championship is the one between Poland and Greece. The two sides will face, later in the tournament, the likes of Russia and the Czech Republic in what is one of the tightest groups of the competition.

The Poles are favorites to win tonight, as the bookies offer Szczesny’s team at odds of Evens to win the game, while they rate Greece at around 7/2.

Greece has a 7/10 odd of scoring in the Pole’s goal, which gives him quite a good chance of finishing the game with a clean sheet. Although Poland isn’t known for its defense the way it is for its attacking force, Greece’s defensive style of play will probably grant the Gunner an easy-ish game.

Arsenal’s second strike goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski is going to be on the sidelines waiting for Szczesny’s mistake like he always does, while another player linked intensely with Arsenal, Robert Lewandowski, is expected to be providing the goals this evening.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Szczesny a good bet to keep a clean sheet for Poland tonight

  1. He’s playing Greece, the defenders of the universe. I expect the entire right side of Dortmund – Pizscek, Blazyckowsy and Lewandowski to tear them a new one.

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