Arsene Wenger’s biggest mistake in the transfer market?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s biggest mistake since he joined the English side was just revealed today by Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent who shed some light regarding the star player’s move to Manchester United.

According to Jorge Mendes, Arsenal were the first to eye Ronaldo (like they usually are with talented young players), but lost the player in favor of Manchester United because they were too slow to react (again, like they usually are).

“I remember what happened to Ronaldo at Arsenal,” Mendes said.

“They watched him nine or ten times, and when everything seemed decided, then Manchester United played at the inauguration of the Alvaladze Stadium (Sporting Lisbon) and the players themselves urged Ferguson to buy him.”

Throughout the years we got accustomed with different players being within touching distance of a move to Arsenal, and then become all star players while playing for other clubs. It happened with Yaya Toure, with Ibrahimovic, and we just found out that it happened with Milan’s El Shaarawy as well before Milan got him.

When we thought that things couldn’t possible get any more disastrous, they just did! Just imagine what Arsenal would have looked like in 2003 with Henry, Pires and all the other stars and with a player of Ronaldo’s skills at 18 years of age.

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6 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger’s biggest mistake in the transfer market?

  1. This as always been d problem of AW & the Board, they tend to hold on to their transfer policy, which ofcourse sometimes do favour the club. These problems also happen in the case of Messi.

  2. stop this nonsense, forget Ronaldo, it hasn’t materialzed and never will focus on the positives of this great team and actual posibilities.

  3. Not a mistake I think… Wenger didn’t follow up CR7 because he knows that CR7 doesn’t good enough ATTITUDE..!! May be he is talented player, but will bring ba implication for the other players… So, we don’t need CR7…! We don’t need snoob player..!! Find another BERGKAMP..!! That’s what Arsenal need…!! Go Gunners..!!

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