BANG! Arsenal slam in final 40m bid for striker!

Earlier in the week it did not take a genius to work out that Arsene Wenger was not a happy bunny about the French club Lyon going public about Arsenal’s transfer bid for their striker Alexandre Lacazette and even revealing the amount of the offer that had been turned down.

It has not stopped the Frenchman from going back with a better offer though, according to a report. It also seems clear that Wenger is determined not to be held to ransom or messed about by the people at Lyon though.

Apparently Arsenal will add another 5 million euros to the reported offer of €35 million and will tell the club that this is the final offer they will get, from us at least. I have seen reports that Lacazette wants the deal to be done and that should be a factor but if Lyon are really as determined to keep him as they say then at least Wenger will soon know and be able to transfer his sights elsewhere.

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  1. geekaybee says:

    It seems that Lewendowski has gone off the radar. Why? He’s the striker I’d go for. Let Lyon keep their man.

  2. Ay sax says:

    Arsenal wenger with this our present squad will would around 5th this season. Arsenal has the money, bring in big name player, other than looking for cheap playet.. Stingy coach.

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